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The Practice of Thinking

Our brains are thinking machines, so it’s imperative that we take charge of our thinker and think good thoughts. It’s not enough to stop thinking negative thoughts, we need to replace the negative thoughts with good ones. While it’s not an easy task, throwing up our hands and giving up on the battle is not an option. Today’s devotional, reposted from faithgateway.com, illustrates what happens when we turn our minds to those things that are good, noble, pure and worthy.

I was on a flight to Toronto beside a woman whose nose was in a book. I hunkered down in the window seat with my Bible and notepad and studied through the flight. We didn’t chat until time to land, at which point she looked over and commented about my studying the Bible. I told her I enjoyed studying the Bible very much. She told me she was the national director of human resources for a large automotive company, and that she had read her Bible in younger years. On one occasion, she said, she had been asked to give a recitation. She had several choices of material, but she had chosen a passage from the Bible, and it had meant a great deal to her at read more

source: faithgateway.com