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Prayer and Unity

Watch Pastor Caleb’s  Sunday’s message on our Facebook page . You can join us live each Sunday morning on Facebook or watch the recorded version later in the week at your leisure. Sunday’s message discussed unity and prayer, and how crucial it is that the two go together in our lives. Check our Events page for upcoming events. Have a blessed week!



Pastor Mike kicked off JCC’s November sermon series on prayer Sunday morning. He talked about prayer as a tool for evangelism, and listed four prayers to pray that will help us as we share Jesus with people. Click here to listen to Sunday’s message. Click on the Publications page to read November’s newsletter.

Back to School Prayers

It seems like just a few minutes ago we were talking about school letting out for the summer, and now it’s time for the kids to go back to classes already. Here are some wonderful prayers written by Rebecca Barlow Jordan to pray over our kids and grandkids as they head back into the classroom this year.

photo: rebeccabarlowjordan.com

“Back to school prayers – It’s one of the best ways you can prepare your children each year as they head back to school. And praying Scripture over them is one of the most powerful ways to pray. Here are five back to school prayers you can pray for your kids and grandkids:

Back to School Prayers for Peace (Isaiah 26:3; Philippians 4:6-7; Romans 5:1).
Lord, I pray that my kids (grandkids) will experience the peace of God this year that exceeds all read more

source: rebeccabarlowjordan.com

Breaking Through the Roof

Today marks the beginning of our annual VBS. This year we have a team from Tennessee to help us put on our Mega Sports Camp. Some of the members of the team led worship for our AM service, and team leader, Pastor Adam, brought a stirring message about doing that extra thing to make sure that those we care about have a way to come to Jesus. Using the story about the friends of the paralyzed man who broke through the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching in order to get their friend to Jesus, Pastor Adam encouraged the congregation to do whatever it took to get our friends and family to Jesus. Click on the Sermon page to listen to today’s message.


If you are in the Anchorage, AK area bring your kids to VBS this coming week. Sign up at akjoy.com/events


Click on the Publications page to read this week’s bulletin.

A Father’s Blessing

In a world where good fathers are in high demand but low supply many of us do not receive a father’s blessing from our earthly father. Receive this devotional prayer laid on the heart of Bill Yount by Father God as your own blessing today. (reposted from charisma.com)

photo: charisma.com

“When I was a child, my father drank heavily at times for years, and I felt like I could never please him. My father passed away many years ago. One of the last times I saw him in the hospital, I left his bedside and was walking toward the door when I heard my father say, “Bless you, Bill.” It was as though read more

source: charisma.com

The Power of Praying in Jesus’ Name

Today’s devotional, written by Max Lucado and reposted from faithgateway.com,  delivers a powerful impetus to PUSH – pray until something happens. We can be assured that when we pray in faith in Jesus name things will happen.

power-of-praying-in-jesus-name-amen-400×400 faithgateway.com

The phrase “In Jesus’ name” is not an empty motto or talisman. It is a declaration of truth: My cancer is not in charge; Jesus is. The economy is not in charge; Jesus is. The grumpy neighbor doesn’t run the world; Jesus, You do! You, Jesus, are the Head Coach, CEO, President, King, Supreme Ruler, Absolute Monarch, High and Holy Baron, Czar, Overlord, and Rajah of all history.

Just speak the read more here

source: faithgateway.com

A Prayer for Anxiety and Stress

Pretty much everyone has had, has, or will have at some point a struggle managing stress and anxiety. Today’s devotional by Rebecca Barlow Jordan offers an idea of how to pray when you find yourself battling those twin bullies.

Is anxiety holding you hostage and keeping you from rest? Do you feel burdens pressing in that seem too heavy to bear? When stressful thoughts pull you in the wrong direction, and you’re struggling to find balance, the following prayer might express your thoughts and help you find relief and freedom:

Lord Jesus, the stresses in my life often reach a dangerous proportion—or so it seems. My body, mind, and spirit struggle to keep up physically, mentally, and yes, spiritually. Some days anxiety stalks me like a deceitful predator, and the temptation to worry draws me in. I know better, but some days the challenges outweigh the read more

source rebeccabarlowjordan.com