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Being Still Doesn’t Mean Doing Nothing

There is debate about what our part is and what God’s part is in living out the Christian life. Are we supposed to be passive and let God do everything or do we have a part to play? Today’s devotional, reposted from biblestudytools.com, presents a clear idea of what our part is in the big picture of our lives.

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“I hear people use this verse for the wrong application:

Exodus 14:14“The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be still.”

I’ve heard well meaning people use it as an indicator that, because we are on the winning team, we will never face read the rest here

source: bibletools.com


Stop Building Monuments and Start Becoming a Movement

Monument or movement – what do you want your life to be? A memento of something that was great at one point but no longer is, or do you want to be moving and changing and growing and remain vitally alive? Today’s devotional, reposted from charisma.com, is an eye opening word from God about not remaining in the same place we’ve always been doing the same things we’ve always done. (BTW –  Pastor Shayna brought a great message Sunday morning that goes along with this theme. If you haven’t listened to her message you can scroll down a bit and have a listen.)

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Recently in prayer, I have been discussing this thought with the Lord, “God, what I do, I want to be doing it strong, five years from now and 10 years, 20 years and even 40 years from now.” I don’t ever want to be someone who is doing something great for the Lord and then kind of fade away. I want to leave a legacy for my children, my grandchildren and my spiritual children.

What the Lord has been speaking to me is, “always be a movement and never create a monument.” A monument is something the men build in order to read more


Source: charisma.com

Moving Forward

You cannot stay where you are if you want to move forward. It may seem like a “duh” statement, but if its so simplistic, then why do many of us continue to do the same things the same way then complain when nothing changes and we don’t make any forward progress? Huh. Maybe we need to think about doing things differently, right? Sunday’s message by Pastor Shayna urges us to begin doing things differently so we can move forward. She suggests that fasting can be a way to help us make those necessary changes. At the end of the message Pastor Shayna asks that the JCC family join Pastor Caleb and her in a 21 day fast to ask God how to move forward in this new season. That call is relevant for each of us, however, regardless of what church family we are a part of. If you need some help getting moving please feel free to join us on this 21 day fast. Whether you do a total fast, fast a meal a day, fast a food group is up to you. Be sure to add in some time with God in prayer while you’re at it. Click on the arrow to listen. Read this week’s bulletin on the Publications page of this blog.

What Are You Waiting For?

What’s holding you back? What are you waiting for? There is not going to be a perfect time to do what God is calling you to do. Click on the arrow to listen to Pastor Marlan’s Sunday message which helps you think about these questions.

Click on the Publications page to read this week’s bulletin.


Today’s devotional reminds us to keep going forward and “reach forward to what lies ahead…” Phil 3:12-13


“The Australian Coat of Arms depicts a very insightful image – one that I hold dear, since I was born and raised in Australia.

There are two animals portrayed holding up a shield – the Red Kangaroo and the Emu. They were chosen not only because they are indigenous to Australia, but also because they were created to move forward.

The Emu, a large, non-flying bird slightly smaller than its cousin the Ostrich, is known for its speed, covering as much as nine feet in a single step when running full throttle. It is the only bird with calf muscles, much like a human has; nonetheless, it can’t walk backward. It can only move forward.

The Red Kangaroo, like all kangaroos, moves with a hopping motion called saltation, which literally means “to leap.” They push off with both of their large feet simultaneously and use their tails for balance. The combination of their muscular legs, big feet and tails helps the kangaroos move forward effectively. But again, they can only move forward, not backward.

In the same way, I believe God designed you – another marvel of creation – to move forward. Forward-bound, never stepping back, not even looking back!”

Press on … look ahead … forget what lies behind … REACH FORWARD to what lies ahead (see Philippians 3:12-13 NKJV).

(c) 2017 Christine Caine christinecaine.com

New Opportunities – New Year

Today’s devotional is reposted from the Watchman blog and was written by Wayde Goodall. This year let’s allow God to make us into a new wineskin rather than hanging on for dear life to the old ways!


And no one puts new wine into old wineskins. If he does, the new wine
will burst the skins and it will be spilled and the skins will be destroyed.
new wine must be put into fresh wineskins. 
— Luke 5:36-39, ESV

When Jesus spoke this parable, there were no water bottles, no Starbucks tumblers. Liquids were put into animal skins that were used like a canteen. When putting new wine into the old wineskins, the new wine would ferment and produce additional gasses—and the old wineskin would burst because it had become hardened and brittle.

New wine must be put into fresh wineskins. — Luke 5:38

wineskinsThe story reminds me of a reality that all of us face: New situations require new structures. With a new job, we need to learn new skills. New relationships require new ways of relating to people. To have a better attitude, we need to think differently and put our negative experiences, unhealthy emotions, mistakes, and failures behind us.

Are there wineskins that we’ve depended on for a long time . . . old ways of thinking, acting, talking, or listening? Responses that worked well before might not work today. Perhaps some “new wineskins” could be considered. All of us will certainly have new challenges, pressures,and opportunities in 2016.


New challenges require creative solutions

An intelligent heart acquires knowledge, and the ear of the wise seeks knowledge.
— Proverbs 18:15, ESV

Some excuses that are frequently used for having a closed mind include:

  • We’ve tried that before.
  • We’ve never done it that way before.
  • We’ve always done it this way.
  • It’s too much trouble to change.
  • It costs too much.
  • We don’t have enough time.
  • It’s against company policy. (It’s not our policy.)
  • That’s not our problem.
  • You’re right, but . . .
  • We’re not ready for that.
  • It isn’t in the budget.
  • You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.
  • Let’s form a committee.
  • Let’s sleep on it.
  • It’s impossible.
  • Etc…

Most people spend more time and energy trying to get around problems than they do solving them. You might say, “I’m not creative.” Yes, you are! You were made by the Creator and have creative abilities that you haven’t yet tapped.

You were taught to be made new in your thinking. You were taught to
start living a new life. It is created to be truly good and holy, just as God is.
Ephesians 4:23-24, NIRV

New Pressures require that I stand up for my convictions

Conviction is a willingness to stand up for what you believe. All of us have pressures to bend the truth, compromise in our faith, and make ethical decisions that are questionable. Many yield to temptation, letting pressure from others persuade them into doing something that they know is wrong. Make the decision that read more

(c) 2016 Wayde Goodall  Used with Permission  All Rights Reserved  https://www.northwestu.edu/watchmen/new-opportunities-new-year/