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Throwing Stones | RZIM

It’s so easy to see the proverbial mote in someone’s eye t hat Jesus talked about and miss seeing the log in our own eye entirely, isn’t it? And we don’t even realize that we’re doing it usually. That’s why it’s called a blind spot; a Mac truck can be hiding there and we’d never even know it. Today’s devotional bids us take a look in the mirror and see the log in our own eye and the Mac truck in our blind spot. It’s a bit painful, but it hurts so good in the end. And it’s much better than being run over by said Mac truck!


“…It is far more difficult, however, to consider how well we play the role of the Pharisee. We have perhaps so villainized the lives of these religious leaders that we consider their self-righteousness as unreachable as the sins of infamous war criminals. Hence, sometimes standing with stones, other times simply putting one’s self in lesser categories of depravity, we can look at the crumpled, errant world around us with an air of disgust. In fact, often no matter one’s profession of belief or practice of faith, we can rally together in circles of righteousness, surrounding those whose lack of whatever virtue we value is far more obvious. We can name their sins publically and consider their humiliation well deserved, perhaps even beneficial for them. And all the while we fail to see our pharisaical similarities, Jesus crouches beside us writing read more


Source: Throwing Stones | RZIM