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Kindness and Compassion

Most people appreciate it when someone shows them compassion when they goof things up, but it can be difficult to extend the same compassion to others when they make a mess of things. Particularly when what they do adversely affects them. Pastor Marlan’s Sunday message emphasizes the need to treat others with kindness and compassion. Click on the arrow to listen to Sunday’s message.


There are some big changes – really big – coming to Joy Christian Center. Our founding pastors, Ruth and Marlan Schoenleben  announced their resignation Sunday morning. They put forth the Children/Youth pastors, Pastor Caleb and Pastor Shayna Bialik, as candidates for the ministry team who will take over the reins of JCC. Members will vote on this during the upcoming Annual Business meeting February 25th. Pastor Marlan and Pastor Ruth’s last day will be April 1st, East Sunday of this year. You can click on the arrow below to listen to what the pastors had to say about this upcoming change.


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