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Psalms 91

Psalms 91 has been dubbed by some “God’s Insurance Policy”. Sunday’s message took an indepth look at this comforting psalm using a sort of adapted Lectio Devina method of studying scriptures. Click here to listen to the message. There are some places where there is no talking; it’s not a problem with the recording just so you know. You can join with the congregation in listening to what God may  have to say to you through the psalm.


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Some pictures from Sunday’s Coffeehouse Ice Cream Social


Broken Dreams

Most of us have dreams that we’ve kinda just given up on. We have ceased to hope that they will be fulfilled. Many have had dreams that have come true only to die on the vine. God is the healer of broken hearts and the one who can resurrect those dreams that have died an untimely death. Sunday’s message by Pastor Shayna brings hope to those who have lived or are living through the experience of the death of a cherished dream. Click on the arrow below to listen to this message.


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Face Forward

If you want to walk a straight line or plow a straight row it is dt-plowing-dimperative that you face forward and focus on an object ahead of you. As we sally forth into the  new year it is vital that we face forward and keep our eyes focused on Jesus as we walk this straight, narrow way. Click on the arrow to listen to Pastor Marlan’s message. (NOTE: the first few minutes are missing due to technical difficulties – our apologies!)


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Randomness and the Christmas Story

We humans like things to be relatively orderly. We order the game plan for our lives and then we work the plan. It’s uncomfortable and sometimes downright aggravating when some bit of randomness is thrown our way and disrupts out neatly laid out plan. Pastor Caleb, in Sunday’s message, gives us new insight into the story and points out how Mary handled the sudden randomness of the Christmas narrative as it played out in her life. Click on the arrow to listen.



This Sunday’s message is a little different from the usual Sunday AM message. Pastor Marlan was ill and unable to bring the message he had prepared, so Pastor Ruth put together an interactive sort of message centering on prayer. Different individuals read some devotional thoughts and scriptures on the Word, thankfulness, holiness, the growth of the Gospel, and unity in the church and further expounded on by Pastor Ruth. Click on the arrow to listen and be blessed!

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Is There Any Hope for These Bones?

dry-bones-artEzekiel was a prophet who had quite a relationship with God. When God spoke Ezekiel listened and obeyed. Even when Ezekiel was presented with a valley full of dry bones he did what God told him to do although it looked like there was no hope of anything positive happening. Click on the arrow to listen to the full story and find out what can happen when we dare to obey God in the midst of a hopeless situation.


Here is a link to the video referenced in the message https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB9lIPCssos 


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How to Hook a Fisherman

fishing 1

There’s not a whole lot of people – especially in Alaska – who wouldn’t be thrilled to get an invitation to go fishing. The thought of all of those halibut or salmon dinners sets them running to grab their gear and head out the door. On the other hand, we so often balk when it comes to responding to Jesus’ invitation to fish for men as if we’re headed the to guillotine rather than going to talk to someone about Jesus. Why is it, do you suppose, that an invitation to go salmon fishing generates so much more enthusiasm than an invitation to fish for men? Click on the arrow below to ponder this question with us as we listen to Pastor Marlan’s message on “How to Hook a Fisherman”.


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