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Gospel Identity: Overcoming Fear and Shame – FaithGateway

Todays devotional sheds light and truth into the dark corners where fear and shame like to hide. It points the way out for those who are caught in the sticky web spun by those twin life sucking spiders.


One of the things important for any believer to understand is how fear and shame impact our identity.  Whether I could verbalize it or not growing up, too often I envisioned God sitting on the clouds, waiting to throw thunderbolts at my every sin. I looked at my own shortfalls and could only imagine a God who was frustrated with humanity, especially my humanity. Why wouldn’t He punish me or be disappointed in me? That would make total sense.

It’s uncanny how we allow fear to seep in. Fear of failure. Fear of change. Fear of being found out. Fear of being misunderstood. Fear of judgment.

Fear leads to shame. Shame causes us to doubt. We begin to doubt God’s love and we begin to doubt God’s grace. Ultimately, we begin to doubt read more

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Source: Gospel Identity: Overcoming Fear and Shame – FaithGateway


Power. Everybody wants power – and lots of it. Whether it’s more horsepower, better, faster, more powerpowerful electronics, or a higher position of authority people seem to be driven by some deep compulsion to attain a higher level of power than those around them. Some want to attain power for evil ends; people such as Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, and Stalin are poster boys for the use of power for evil. Others want power for the purpose of helping others. Names like Chuck Swindoll, Billy Graham, and Mother Theresa are synonymous with people who have used their power and authority to influence others for good. Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Marlan’s Sunday message about power.


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What Have You Got to Lose?

woman-with-the-issue-of-blood1Gravity is a pretty well established fact – what goes up  must come down, right? Most every human being has no doubts about gravity. It’s a sure thing that we don’t even really think about it. Yet how often do we find ourselves doubting the power of the God who brought gravity into being? Surely the One who created the gravity that we trust in is able to not only keep the promises that He made but also along with it have the power to do way beyond what we could ask or think. Click on the link below to listen to Sunday’s message by Chi Alpha leader Steve Pavek and ask God to grant you faith to believe in the power of our Capable, Concerned, Competent Savior.



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