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The Good Shepherd

Many of us are familiar with the 23rd Psalm. It was one of the first scripture passages we memorized as kids in vacation Bible school or Sunday School. Today’s devotional brings us back to this comforting psalm to remind us of God’s loving care for each of us.


I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. — John 10:11



A bad shepherd lets his sheep stray. He neglects the flock, allowing the sheep to graze in bad fields or experience life-threatening thirst. He beats the lambs to teach submission and obedience. He isn’t alert to predators, allowing them to get too close to the sheep. Clearly, he doesn’t care much about the welfare of his sheep.

But Jesus is the opposite, rightly calling Himself the good Shepherd. When a sheep strays, He goes out looking for that wanderer, searching until He finds it and rejoicing when He does. He stays up during the read more


source: faithgateway.com


Knock and the Door Will Be Opened

Today’s devotional encourages us to ask, seek, and knock because God will surely answer. He doesn’t play favorites and invites all to come.


Editors Note: This is an excerpt from 52 Little Lessons from Les Misérables. Bob Welch walks readers through Hugo’s masterpiece, extracting dozens of uniquely spiritual reflections from this enduring portrait of poverty, social injustice, mercy, and redemption.  Have you knocked at that one there? – A woman in Digne who takes pity on Valjean In Digne as aa href=’http://www.faithgateway.com/knock-door-opened/’ title=’Read more’ …/a

Source: Knock and the Door Will Be Opened

I Am Praying For You

I don’t know about you, but it’s very comforting and heartening to me when someone says they’ll pray for me. It makes me feel like someone cares, that I’m not alone in my struggles. Good news! There is someone always praying for you, and it’s not a mere fallible, forgetful human either. Jesus prays for us! Isn’t that a mind-boggling thought? Today’s devotional by Max Lucado reminds us of Jesus’ promise to us.


“Peter’s trust was in Peter’s strength. Yet Peter’s strength would peter out. Jesus knew it.

Satan would attack and test Peter. But Satan would never claim Peter. Why? Because Peter was strong? No, because Jesus was.

I have prayed for you. — Luke 22:32

Jesus’ prayers read more

(c) 2016 Max Lucado Used with permission

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Today’s devotional, reposted from Rebecca Barlow’s blog, will encourage your heart with reminders of God’s faithfulness when you’re going through hard places.

“Most of us have experienced times that leave us hanging between a rock and a hard place: times of confusion, fear, sorrow, loneliness. Relationships may fail; precious dreams die. Winters appear bleak; answers won’t come. Our circumstances vary, but we all go through them.

In those times I’ve learned to rehearse some things about God, times when Jesus has walked with me, held my hand,



and brought me through the hard places. Here are 12 things I can remember that keep me from being discouraged. And this list is only a small portion of what I’ve recorded in my memory bank from Jesus’s track record of faithfulness:

When I was confused, Jesus offered peace.

When I was lost, Jesus rescued me.

When I was afraid, Jesus gave me courage.

When I needed a home, Jesus adopted me.

When I was tired, Jesus gave me rest.

When I needed love, Jesus held me close.

When I was sad, Jesus caught my tears.

When I was discouraged, Jesus encouraged me.

When I stumbled, Jesus steadied my feet.

When I was lonely, Jesus comforted me.

When I fell, Jesus picked me up.

When I needed a Savior, Jesus died for me.

“Don’t be afraid, I’ve redeemed you. I’ve called your name. You’re mine. When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you. When you’re in rough waters, you will not go down. When you’re between a rock and a hard place, it won’t be a dead end— Because I am God, your personal God, The Holy of Israel, your Savior” (Isaiah 43:1-3, MSG).

With a track record record like that, why would I ever doubt Jesus’s faithfulness?

My Personal Prayer for You

Lord Jesus, thank You for being with us in the difficulties of our lives. For all the times You’ve rescued us, held us, loved us, and filled us with your hope and peace, we are so grateful. When we’re in over our heads, You’re there. When we feel like we’re going down for the last time, You pull us up. Teach us to trust You more and more and to run from discouragement when we’re between a rock and a hard place. With You, there are no dead ends–only endless grace and possibilities. Thank You, Jesus! Rebecca Barlow Jordan”

(c) 2016 Rebecca Barlow Jordan Used with Permission All Rights Reserved  rebeccabarlowjordan.com

Valley of Fruitfulness

Today’s devotional, reposted from Francis Frangipane’s blog, encourages us in the midst of the hard places in our lives using the biblical example of Joseph’s experience of trial and ultimate triumph.

“Has the enemy isolated you, causing you to doubt God’s love? Do not forget, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Even the hairs on your head are numbered. He cares. It is His love for us that redeems our hardships, which not only brings good out of what was meant for evil but also trains us to deliver others.

red_flower_growing_out_of_crack_in_rocks1Consider Joseph. He was the second youngest of Jacob’s sons and his father’s favorite. His walk with God began with dreams and visions. Joseph’s life is a pattern for many who have had a genuine call from God. Our walk with God may also have begun with a “travel brochure” of dreams and visions where God gives us a picture of His destination for us. What we fail to be able to see is how His promises will come to pass in our lives.

Joseph was betrayed by his brothers and delivered up by them to die. He was unjustly accused when Potiphar’s wife tried to seduce him. He was imprisoned and forgotten by all except God, who was patiently watching and measuring Joseph’s reactions to difficulty.
Rich or poor, blessed or smitten, regardless of his circumstances, Joseph served God. He continued to pass his tests. Joseph was on trial before men, but he was found innocent before God.

Finally, at the right moment, the Lord suddenly connected all the loose ends of Joseph’s life. Everything that he went through, as unfair as each thing was, God used to shape him for Heaven’s purpose.

God alone sees the future and how the promises He gives us will unfold. Our task is to lay hold of Christ’s integrity and keep faith in what God has promised. Just as He allowed Joseph to go through many trials, so He allows us to go through great conflicts as well. For He knows that our lives, tested as they are, will help others find the shelter of the Most High in their lives.

“Joseph named the firstborn Manasseh, ‘For,’ he said, ‘God has made me forget all my trouble and all my father’s household'” (Gen. 41:51). God caused Joseph to forget the difficulty and pain of his life. There is something wonderful about the Lord’s capacity to cause all things to work for good. With Jesus in our lives, a time ultimately comes when God causes us to forget all the troubles of the past.

“He named the second Ephraim, ‘For,’ he said, ‘God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction'” (Gen. 41:52).

God made Joseph fruitful in the very land of his affliction — and in the land of your affliction, in your battle, is the place where God will make you fruitful. Ultimately, the Lord will touch many others with the substance of what you have gained. In a world that is superficial, Christ will produce something in you that is deep and living.

God has not promised to keep us from valleys and sufferings, but He has promised to make us fruitful in them. Without a doubt we each will pass through valleys before we reach our final goal in God. As we remain faithful to Him in trials, the character and nature of Christ Jesus will emerge in our lives. 

Lord, You are God of the mountains and the valleys. I know that Your faithfulness is my shield and my bulwark. Thank You for redeeming the conflicts of my life; I praise You for healing me and causing me to forget all the trauma of my past. Now, Lord, help me now to help others as well. “

(c) 2015 Francis Frangipane Used with Permission http://francisfrangipanemessages.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-valley-of-fruitfulness-part-2.html

Psalm 23 devotional

Here is a great take on Psalm 23 by Roy Lessin

The Lord Has Promised

” The Lord has promised us shepherding, not perfect understanding of where He is leading or why He is taking us there.

The Lord has promised us what we need, not what might be on our wish list.

The Lord has promised us green meadows where we can find rest, not a life that doesn’t require labor in His fields.

The Lord has promised us peaceful streams where we can quiet our hearts, not the absence of deep waters to overcome in our walk of faith.

The Lord has promised restoration to our souls, not a life without tests and trials.

The Lord has promised to lead us to the places that will honor Him the most, not to the places that will make us look good.

The Lord has promised to walk with us through the valley, not take us on paths that only lead to the mountain tops.

The Lord has promised us victory in the face of the enemy, not the absence of spiritual warfare.

The Lord has promised us His presence, His anointing, His blessing, His fullness, His power, His unfailing goodness, and His love throughout our earthly journey…with the guarantee that the most glorious things are still to comeI will live in the house of the LORD forever. Psalm 23:6 (NLT)

(c) 2015 Roy Lessin Used with Permission  http://www.meetmeinthemeadow.com/2015/04/the-lord-has-promised-based-upon-psalm-23/

The Un-Envisioned Place

If you have ever been in a situation that you hadn’t thought you’d be in, a place you didn’t want to go surrounded by people you didn’t want to go there with, this devotional by Francis Frangipane will bless your socks off. And if you’ve never been in that place, well, read on for some spiritual “Wheaties” that will help you navigate that un-envisioned place when you come to it on your life journey.


“If we look at the heroes of faith in the Scriptures, we will find people that, without fail, were people of vision. Yet, upon deeper study, we also discover that, even as people of vision, they often found themselves in circumstances that were unlike anything they expected. Yet, it was in this “un-envisioned place” that God established character in His servant. It was here where the Lord released power that fulfilled destiny.

Consider Paul’s letter to the Thessalonians. He wrote of his “great desire” to travel to the church in Thessalonica more than once. Yet, he said, “Satan hindered us” (1Thess. 2:17-18).

Paul must have believed that God was telling him to travel, plant churches and evangelize. Yet, if we look at Paul’s life, it seems Paul found himself often stuck in jail, not traveling on apostolic journeys. Although he felt that Satan had thwarted him, God was watching. There, in dark, mildewed cells, Paul allowed the character of Christ to emerge: singing hymns at midnight, rejoicing always, praying without ceasing (see 1 Thess. 5). Jail was not what Paul envisioned for himself, yet in the crucible of this un-envisioned place, by keeping his heart like Christ’s, he stayed inspired. From prison he turned to writing and there penned some of his most profound epistles. 

What seemed like a setback, in God’s hands becomes a setup for greater victory! Paul and the other leaders thought that Christ would return in their lifetimes. Having been put in prison and unable to travel, they were forced to write their revelation and not just speak it. Thus, instead of only reaching their generation by personal contact, their writings would touch lives for nearly 2000 years!

Or consider the apostle John. At the end of his life he was exiled to a lonely life on the Isle of Patmos. If anyone was a “people person,” it would have been John. He could have become bitter. Certainly, this was not what God wanted for this man, the last one who had been with Jesus Himself? Yet if he had not been exiled, we would not have been given the majesty of the Revelation of John. 

Or what of Joseph — betrayal, slavery and jail was not what this great man envisioned, but it’s what the Holy Spirit used to transformed a dreamer into a mighty leader in Egypt. Or did David expect after being anointed by the prophet Samuel, that he would find himself in a wilderness, a fugitive for seven years? No, but it was here, in the injustice of the wilderness years, that God forged in David and his followers the greatest sense of unity the Old Testament would attain. 

So also with you. Your current circumstances may not be what you envisioned for yourself, but they are no obstacle for God. Paul learned that God was fully able to reveal Himself, not only in the expected places, but in that which was unexpected as well. 

Paul wrote, “But thanks be to God, who always leads us in His triumph in Christ, and manifests through us the sweet aroma of the knowledge of Him in every place” (2 Cor. 2:14). 

I love this verse. Paul wrote that in a time when he might have despaired of life itself. But God is faithful. No matter what the setback seems to be, God always leads us in His triumph in Christ. We can find the sweet aroma of Christ in every place. 

He is there with you. As you exercise your faith, as you rest, trusting in Him, do what Christ would do in your circumstances. Unbelief will flee as you become Christlike in the crisis. God will turn your setback into a setup that releases destiny in the un-envisioned place.

(c) 2014 Francis Frangipane  Used with Permission http://francisfrangipanemessages.blogspot.com/2014/08/the-un-envisioned-place.html