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A Prayer for Fathers and Grandfathers

Happy Father’s Day to all the guys out there! Here is a prayer by Rebecca Barlow Jordan on Crosswalk.com for all the men in our lives.


Dear Lord,

Bless every father and every grandfather with the best of your spiritual blessings today. Let him know he is not alone in the tasks you have given him to provide for and support those under his care. Show him how much you delight in his work, and affirm the value of whatever You have given him to do—both as a father or grandfather and as a child of Yours. Confirm his worth daily so he has no reason to doubt whether he is loved in the eyes of his Heavenly Father.

Create in him a deep sense of trust in You, knowing that He can count on You to help him lead and protect those dependent on him. Let him know that every unselfish act of love and encouragement he has offered has been a gift that You receive gladly. Show him how effective the prayers of a godly man really are, and what a difference he has and can make to those around him, no matter how big or small the assignment.

When challenging times push him beyond his limits, assure him that You can take Him further into the realm of possible impossibility. Speak deep into his spirit the powerful words he longs to hear from read more

(source: http://www.crosswalk.com/faith/prayer/prayers/a-prayer-of-blessing-for-fathers-grandfathers.html)


Men of Faith

OK, all you guys that don’t have kids; just because this is a Father’s day sermon doesn’t mean you get a day off; it applies to all men. And, Ladies’ while this message is directed to men because it’s Father’s Day, the implications of this lesson are as applicable to women as to men any time of the year.

Men-of-faith-KARENWe all have choices, and we’re responsible for our lives and growth in Christ. God sometime brings and other times allows situations into our lives that are opportunities to grow in faith and obedience. It is our job to make good choices in these situations that will honor God and help us grow in righteousness. Not everyone appreciates someone who walks in faith and righteousness, so you may get a slap in the face instead of a pat on the back when you make godly choices, but make them anyway. Other’s disapproval of your right choices does not excuse you from your responsibility to make those God-honoring choices. Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Ruth’s message on being a man (or woman) of faith.