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Fasting and Brokenness

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Brokenness isn’t ever a comfortable, easy thing. However, it is necessary for us to be able to grow into all we were created to be in Christ. Fasting is one means to brokenness. We humble ourselves and fast and pray, and God breaks stuff in us and off of us. So, even though it may not be a pleasant experience the pay off is amazing. Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Heidi’s message about fasting and brokenness. This is our third week in the 21 day fast. There’s still time to jump in and experience some of the spiritual benefits of fasting and seeking God with us.


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Moving Forward

You cannot stay where you are if you want to move forward. It may seem like a “duh” statement, but if its so simplistic, then why do many of us continue to do the same things the same way then complain when nothing changes and we don’t make any forward progress? Huh. Maybe we need to think about doing things differently, right? Sunday’s message by Pastor Shayna urges us to begin doing things differently so we can move forward. She suggests that fasting can be a way to help us make those necessary changes. At the end of the message Pastor Shayna asks that the JCC family join Pastor Caleb and her in a 21 day fast to ask God how to move forward in this new season. That call is relevant for each of us, however, regardless of what church family we are a part of. If you need some help getting moving please feel free to join us on this 21 day fast. Whether you do a total fast, fast a meal a day, fast a food group is up to you. Be sure to add in some time with God in prayer while you’re at it. Click on the arrow to listen. Read this week’s bulletin on the Publications page of this blog.