When You’re Tired of Waiting

Waiting is not a particularly enjoyable experience in general. However, it would seem that it is an inescapable reality. Today’s devotional encourages us to not give up even when the wait is long – or longer than we’d like it to be. God is faithful; He won’t lie to us. What He said He will do.


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Are you tired of waiting for a prophetic word to be fulfilled in your life? Have you received it, claimed it, believed for it, fought the good fight of faith with it—and have yet to see it come to pass?

If so, don’t give up! Things can change in a day.

Think about the significant events in the lives of our fathers and mothers in the faith. One day, Sarah, Abraham’s wife, was just an old woman with a barren womb. The next, she was pregnant with the child of promise. After 24 years of waiting for God’s word to come to pass, she was doubtful. But her situation changed—big time—in just one day!

One day, David was being forced to live like a gypsy, running from the armies of King Saul. The next, read the rest here

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Did the Gospels Distort Jesus’ Life?

Thoughtful questions deserve thoughtful answers. In today’s Biblegateway devotional by Lee Strobel we read a well researched, thought out answer to a question asked by those who question the authenticity and authority of God’s Word.


How do the four Gospels—Matthew, Mark, Luke and John—fare when subjected to a historian’s scrutiny? I asked Evans what he considered to be the best criteria for assessing their reliability.

“One criterion historians use is multiple attestation,” he replied. “In other words, when two or three of the Gospels are saying the same thing, independently — as they often do — then this significantly shifts the burden of proof onto somebody who says they’re just making it up. There’s also the criterion of coherence. Are the Gospels consistent with what we know about the history and culture of Palestine in the 20s and
30s? Actually, they’re loaded with details that we’ve determined are correct thanks to read more

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Dealing With the Lies We Tell Ourselves

We all have one – or have had one – a laundry list of lies a mile long about ourselves. Lies about who we are and are not, what we can and can’t do, what we should do. Ah, yes, the shoulds. Today’s devotional, written by Candace Payne and reposted from Biblegateway.com, points the way toward recognizing those lies and dealing with them.

You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; to be made new in the attitude of your minds; and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.
Ephesians 4:22-24

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Why did I tell myself I couldn’t run?

It was a simple question. But it was an act of resistance, challenging my tendency to count myself out before I had even tried. That’s the power of why.

Why had I told myself I wasn’t a runner? It was more than facing rejection or comparing my lack of skill to the junior-high track star. I could see that I had two working legs, breath in my lungs, and that running was no threat to my health. The reason I started lying to myself was rooted much deeper, and this question led to questioning everything on my list. To uncover the answers, I needed time alone with read the rest

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Why You Don’t Feel God

It’s natural to want to feel the assurance that we aren’t alone or that God is hearing our prayers and getting ready to answer them. However, just because we don’t feel Him or see anything immediately happening doesn’t mean that He isn’t there and isn’t working. Today’s devotional, reposted from Charisma magazine, points out an encouraging truth about what’s really going on when we can’t sense God’s presence.


The fact that you may not feel God does not mean that He is not there. (Unsplash/Jad Limcaco)


God’s presence may be understood in two ways: His unconscious presence and His conscious presence. Many of us tend not to appreciate God’s unconscious presence; rather, we long for His conscious presence—when He clearly shows up.

The theological term that is relevant to both ways we experience God’s presence is the omnipresence of God. God is everywhere; there is no place where He isn’t (see Ps. 139:7-12).

Theologians speak of the “three big O’s”: God’s omnipotence (that He is all-powerful), His omniscience (that He knows everything) and His omnipresence (that He is everywhere)—His glory fills the universe and all He has made—but it also means that we cannot run from God. Jonah found this to be true. God told him, “Go to Ninevah.” Jonah said, “No.” He rose to flee “from the presence of the Lord” (Jonah 1:2-3) but found such a notion impossible to fulfill. Wherever Jonah went, there was God!

Are you trying to run from God? Give up! It is a hopeless venture.

The fact that you may not read more

source: Charisma

Dead Promises

Have you ever had a dream, a promise from God that you’d held near and dear to your heart? Then inexplicably everything around you seemed to conspire against you and your fondly held desire. There was every indication that that dream had died a tragic and untimely death and you were left feeling angry and betrayed. I know I have. Today’s devotional is a video put out by Streams Ministries that addresses this sort of disappointment and brings hope and encouragement.  There will be no Sunday message again this week. Enjoy the video!



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Pretty much everyone has heard the joke about the guy with ADD. He’s saying he’s not suffering from ADD and mid sentence he starts talking about the squirrel he saw. Obviously we are not all afflicted with ADD, but the issue of getting sidetracked by distractions that come into our lives is something all of us are prone to if we don’t remain focused on the tasks at hand. Today’s devotional, reposted from Faithgateway, encourages us to stay focused and mindful so that we can accomplish what God has for us to do.

‘My food,’ said Jesus, ‘is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish His work.’ — John 4:34

Distractions. We all face them on a daily basis. Whether they’re relatively harmless or destructive, God wants us to resist them and keep the main thing the main thing — fulfilling our purpose.

None of us wants to live a life where we can say we have done many things but not the one thing God assigned us.

We want to cultivate a habit of focus, and the motivation that comes from a clear vision. We want the grit to complete our task, and the guts to say no when we need to. Extraordinary accomplishments in the kingdom of God are rarely happenstance. They result from our daily choices and everyday actions. But we must decide to be single-minded and focused on the task He’s given us. I cringe to think of the great works for God that were never finished because people grew distracted from their purpose.

Determine in your heart today to read more

source: faithgateway.com

God Made You on Purpose

Have you ever felt like you were just another face in the crowd? Anonymous and just part of the colorful blend of faces with nothing to recommend you or make you stand out? Not so. Today’s devotional, reposted from Faithgateway, assures us that we are a one-of-a-kind work of art created by God on purpose for a purpose.


I like the idea that God only made me once. Like paintings — there’s something special about the first one. My cousin Joe just recently passed away, but for my entire life, he was a painter. An artist. My home is filled with paintings and sketches and illustrations he made just for me. In fact, one of the paintings he gave me proudly hangs in my dining room. It’s huge and abstract and purple and blue and black and weird. I love it. A few years ago, I asked Joe what it’s like to replicate art versus painting the original piece.

The short answer he gave is that the original is work, but fun. Any copies, exact or modified, are boring, if not mindless. Creating is just problem solving, and once you read more

source: faithgateway.com


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