The Reason for the Season

We’ve pretty much all heard the “reason for the season” phrase. Generally it is used at Christmas time to remind people that we celebrate Christmas because it is Jesus’ birthday first and foremost. However, there is another holiday that is so secularized that we forget the literal reason for the season, and that is Easter. Or as many call it, Resurrection season. Jesus is the whole reason for that season. To deny that fact and leave it out of our celebrations denigrates the whole season to nothing more than a pagan holiday. Cute, colorful, fun, but without meaning or purpose. Pastor Shayna helps us turn our attention to the real reason for the upcoming Easter season: Jesus. Click on the arrow to listen to Sunday’s message.


Congratulations to Pastor Caleb and Pastor Shayna. They were voted in as the new senior pastors of Joy Christian Center yesterday at JCC’s annual business meeting. They will assume the senior pastor’s role following Pastor Ruth and Pastor Marlan’s final day, April 1, 2018


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Lifting Our Hands in Worship

Hands raised worship

There are many reasons people lift their hands. For Christ-Followers, however, there is one very good reason to lift our hands; to worship Jesus. In Sunday’s message Pastor Shayna helps us think about why it is important for us to lift our hands as we worship. This is part one in a four part series that will run through the month of December. Click on the arrow to listen to the message.

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Being a Mary

It’s so easy to take the path of least resistance, right? Carving out time in our uber busy lives to just sit at Jesus’ feet as Mary did take some doing, and sometimes it’s easier to just be busy like Martha. Sunday’s message by Pastor Shayna points out the importance for us as Jesus Followers of making the effort to take the time to spend in God’s presence on a regular basis. Click on the arrow to listen to the message.


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Broken Dreams

Most of us have dreams that we’ve kinda just given up on. We have ceased to hope that they will be fulfilled. Many have had dreams that have come true only to die on the vine. God is the healer of broken hearts and the one who can resurrect those dreams that have died an untimely death. Sunday’s message by Pastor Shayna brings hope to those who have lived or are living through the experience of the death of a cherished dream. Click on the arrow below to listen to this message.


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