There used to be a commercial for a certain company on TV. The general idea was summed up with “when you care to send the very best…” God so loved the world that He sent His very best. He has always has a plan for transformation, and that plan revolves around Jesus. Isaiah 9 lets us in on some of Jesus’ names. Click on the arrow to listen to Pastor Ruth’s message from Sunday that talks about God’s transformation plan and the names of Jesus presented in Isaiah 9.

bgmcSunday the BGMC ministry at JCC underwent a transfer of leadership. Ron and Vanda Hoecher who led the ministry for two years handed the baton over to Joy Collins. They announced this year’s BGMC goal of $1,500. Click on the arrow to listen.

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Pride and Humility

There are some people who equate humility with being a doormat. Not so! In Sunday’s message Pastor Ruth discusses the positive kind of pride, the negative kind of pride, and the power of humility. Click on the arrow to listen to the message. We’ve also posted the PowerPoint notes if you’d like to read through them.

ruth’s sermon 8-14-2016


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It’s a Lifestyle

Most of us know that water baptism is an important step in our journey as Christ Followers. However it is important also to understand that the decision to follow Jesus in baptism is not just a one time event, it is a lifestyle.Click on the arrow to listen to Pastor Ruth’s sermon about water baptism. Congratulations to the two young people who were baptized on Sunday morning.

What Has He Ever Done For Me?

god at work

Sometimes I hear questions like “Why should I serve God – what has He ever done for me?” I’ve even heard that even from Christians who have recently had a disappointment and didn’t get something that they wanted from God. Today’s message by Pastor Ruth answers that questions by reminding us of some of the amazing things that God has done for us. Click on the arrow below to listen to her message.


Men of Faith

OK, all you guys that don’t have kids; just because this is a Father’s day sermon doesn’t mean you get a day off; it applies to all men. And, Ladies’ while this message is directed to men because it’s Father’s Day, the implications of this lesson are as applicable to women as to men any time of the year.

Men-of-faith-KARENWe all have choices, and we’re responsible for our lives and growth in Christ. God sometime brings and other times allows situations into our lives that are opportunities to grow in faith and obedience. It is our job to make good choices in these situations that will honor God and help us grow in righteousness. Not everyone appreciates someone who walks in faith and righteousness, so you may get a slap in the face instead of a pat on the back when you make godly choices, but make them anyway. Other’s disapproval of your right choices does not excuse you from your responsibility to make those God-honoring choices. Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Ruth’s message on being a man (or woman) of faith.

Power in the Love of Christ

rowboatA fisherman (or woman) who has to row themselves out to their favorite fishing spot is at a disadvantage if they only have a limited amount of time to fish, because much of their valuable fishing time has to be spent on rowing rather than fishing. However the angler whose craft is motor propelled as opposed to self propelled can spend almost all of their time doing what they came out to do in the first place: fish! God has given believers the equivalent of a high powered motor to accomplish the task that He has commissioned us to do – the power of Christ’s love IN us. Nonetheless many of us muddle along in our rowboats trying to do the work of the kingdom under our own power. Don’t! Instead, take advantage of the power that God provides for you. You will discover that you expend  less effort yet accomplish more than you could have on your own power. Click on the arrow to listen to Pastor Ruth’s message and find out how you can activate and start using the power of Christ’s love that’s already in you.


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Good Friday and Easter Sunday

This week you get a “two-fer” – 2 sermons instead of just the usual weekly Sunday AM sermon. First, Pastor Ruth brought down the house Friday at the Good Friday service inspiring us to trust God to break every chain that binds us. Sunday morning the JCC Teens presented an Easter drama entitled “Three Witnesses”. This time around we tried something new; we included the worship as well as the message on the recordings, so they’re a little bit longer than usual. We hope you enjoy these recordings of our Resurrection weekend services.

Good Friday


Easter Sunday

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