On a Mission

Everyone needs a goal to work toward, a mission to fulfill that makes a difference in this world. Alaska Missionary Rev. Terry Hull shared his mission at Joy Christian Center Sunday morning and challenged the congregation to get busy fulfilling our mission the Great Commission. Click on the arrow to listen to the message.


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15th Anniversary Service

Joy Christian Center celebrated its 15th Anniversary Sunday, September 11th. The service included a time of worship, a greeting from Pastor P of Strive for Glory Samoan church, a fantastic message by the Assemblies of God Alaska Ministry Network’s Superintendent Bill Welch, and special music by Dori Welch, Pastor Ruth, and JCC’s Kids and Teens. Click on the arrow to listen to the service. The recording does not have the worship set or Kids/Teens song.


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Sunday JCC was delighted to host a missions team from Alabama who traveled all the way to Alaska to help us with our Submerged Day Camp. The team took the service Sunday morning providing worship and a wonderful word from the Word. Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Matt’s message on change.


Don’t forget to click on the Publications page to access this week’s bulletin.  There’s still plenty of time to sign your kids up for day camp. Come on over to 4335 Laurel Street 8:30 AM and sign ’em up!

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Sports Camp Sunday

Sunday morning JCCers were treated to worship, testimonies, and a message from our missions team from Iowa who came up to help us with a Sports Camp that JCC  held. Click on the arrow to listen to two testimonies and Pastor Troy’s sermon.

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If you have kids age 2 through 5th grade there are still two nights – Monday June 13th and Tuesday June 14th – to bring your kids to 4335 Laurel Street at 5:45 PM. Teens will meet at 6 PM at Parachutes. Call 907-349-0255 for more information.

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Everyone Needs Hug Sometimes

Perhaps you are a very “huggy” person and right how you are shouting “amen, Sister!” as you read the title of IMG_20160515_1115340Sunday’s message. Or on the other hand you might be the type who avoids hugs like the plague and are even now saying to yourself “in a pig’s eye”. Whatever view you may take on the subject, Sunday’s message by special guest Pastor Regina Irwin will give you fodder for thought as you listen. Click on the arrow to hear this sermon.


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Get Out of Bed

sleepingEveryone likes to be comfortable. Most of us like to sleep in when we can; the pull of that warm, comfy bed is hard to resist – especially when there is something that we’d rather not face or do. It’s so much easier just to roll over and pull the covers over our heads and go back to sleep. However, that is not the life that we are called to as Christ Followers.  Click on the arrow below to listen as Pastor Aaron, one of the VBS leaders from the AIM team, encourages us to wake up, throw off those blankets, get out of bed and be about our Father’s business.


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2.2 Billion

judi-volod 1There are around 7.5 billion people on the earth. Roughly 2.2 billion of those people have never heard the good news of Jesus. Perhaps they live in a nation that is closed to the Gospel message either for religious or ideological/political reasons. Perhaps they live in a highly secularized country that, while not closed to Christianity, does not subscribe to the notion that  God even exists. Perhaps it is simply a case of living in such a remote area that there is no access to internet, radio, TV, or other media so they have never had the means to hear the message of salvation through faith in Jesus. The reason why they haven’t heard is not the issue. The issue is that they have not heard nor will they ever hear if someone doesn’t personally go and tell them. Volodymyr and Judi (Balwebber) Ruban are two someones who have stepped up to the plate to go and tell people who have not heard about Jesus that there is a Savior who loves them and has a plan for their lives. Click on the arrow below to listen to Volodymyr and Judi share their testimony and their heart for the people living in the Ukraine. NOTE: the first few minutes consist of the audio portion of a video that was shown. If you are interested in watching the video you can look up the Rubans (see below) and ask how you can access this great video.


The Rubans will be raising funds to return to the Ukraine this year. If you would like to know more about them,, their ministry and/or how you can support them you can look them up on Facebook or on the Assembly of God webpage


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