God’s Platinum Credit Card

When a business owner hires an individual to manage his or her company often the manager is given a credit card so that he or she can have the necessary funds at hand to do his or her job. There is, of course, the expectation that the funds are to be utilized for the work of the company as the manager carries out the purposes of the owner. We as Christ Followers have been commissioned by Christ to do the work of the Kingdom of God. To accomplish the work we have been given the power of the Holy Spirit – God’s Platinum Credit Card. We have an amazing, unlimited amount of the power of God available to us to accomplish the work Jesus left for us to do, power to do the works of Jesus and greater works than even these. Click on the arrow below to listen to Sunday’s message by Grace Bolt and learn about using God’s Platinum Credit Card in our Christian walk.



Sunday’s Bulletin  JCC Bulletin 01-25-15