Evangelism III

Sunday morning Pastor Shayna presented the third installment of September’s series on Evangelism. She talked about eternity and the urgency that should compel us as believers to share the Good News with those around us. Click here to listen. Sunday’s bulletin is posted on the Publications page of this blog.


Evangelism II

Pastor Caleb continued the September Sunday series on Evangelism yesterday. We’ve gone to a live broadcast on Facebook now instead of audio recordings. You can watch and listen to Sunday’s message here 

As always, you can read this week’s bulletin on the Publication page of this blog. Have a great week! Thanks for being a part of our online family. Blessings to you.

The Work of the Holy Spirit

Sunday’s message was the final message in the Gifts of the Spirit series. Pastor Caleb brought a wonderful teaching on the work of the Holy Spirit. Click on the sermons page and then on the message to listen. We will be changing our sermon format in the near future. We will be broadcasting our sermons directly on Facebook each Sunday morning. If you like our page you should get a message when we broadcast a sermon. The message will be archived on our page so you can listen any time. We should have that up and running in the next few weeks, so stay tuned! Thanks for listening to our Sunday messages.

Speaking in Tonuges – Gifts of the Spirit

We are getting ready to finish up our Sunday sermon series on the Gifts of the Spirit. Yesterday Pastor Mike showed this video, an excellent   message by Robert Morris of Gateway Church. It is one of the best explanations about speaking in tongues out there. Click on the link to listen – you will really enjoy this message.  A Pure Language by Robert Morris

Breaking Through the Roof

Today marks the beginning of our annual VBS. This year we have a team from Tennessee to help us put on our Mega Sports Camp. Some of the members of the team led worship for our AM service, and team leader, Pastor Adam, brought a stirring message about doing that extra thing to make sure that those we care about have a way to come to Jesus. Using the story about the friends of the paralyzed man who broke through the roof of the house where Jesus was teaching in order to get their friend to Jesus, Pastor Adam encouraged the congregation to do whatever it took to get our friends and family to Jesus. Click on the Sermon page to listen to today’s message.


If you are in the Anchorage, AK area bring your kids to VBS this coming week. Sign up at


Click on the Publications page to read this week’s bulletin.