The God initiated institution of marriage has come under attack the past few decades. Sunday’s message by Pastor Mike offers some insight into this issue. Click on the arrow to listen to the message.


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Doing the Impossible

Imagine you were watching your favorite news broadcast when one of those “Breaking News” banners scrolled along the bottom announcing “90 year old woman gives birth to healthy baby boy fathered by 100 year old man”. You possiblewould more than likely roll your eyes and be more than a little skeptical. That sounds more like an article in one of those sensationalist magazines that line the checkout counters than something that might actually have happened. But wait! If you know your Bible you know that that is exactly what happened to Sarah and Abraham. In the well known Genesis account of Issac’s birth we read the impossible coming to pass just as God said that it would. Jesus told His disciples – and us – that what is impossible for man is possible with God (Matthew 19:20, Mark 10:27, Luke 18:27). Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Marlan’s Sunday message about listening to God and doing the impossible.



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C.S. Lewis once said “Everyone says that forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive” Have there ever been times that you just have not wanted to forgive someone for something that they did to hurt you? If you’re forgiveness-healing-health-Jesusfinding yourself struggling in your Christian walk, victory can be attained through the act of forgiveness. Click on the arrow below to listen to Sunday’s message from Pastor Marlan and find out more about this essential part of our walk of faith.


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What is Your Kryptonite?

superman_symbol_by_yurtigo-d6e55gfThe Superman comic character was created around 1933. The mission of this Superhero was to protect humankind and save the world from evil. He was faster than a speeding bullet and could leap over tall buildings in a single bound. He was invincible – except for one thing: Kryptonite. A little piece of rock from Superman’s home planet could render him as weak and powerless as any mortal man. Aren’t we the same way? None of us are strong all of the time. We all have our proverbial Achilles heel, the Kryptonite that turns us into weak and  ineffective Christians. So what’s your Kryptonite? Click on the arrow below and listen to Steve Webb’s message from Sunday morning about how to overcome your Kryptonite.



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covere bridgeBridges can be handy to have when you have a river or a canyon to cross. Examples of the many types of bridges  fashioned by humans can be seen pretty much anywhere you go. From the quaint old-fashioned covered wooden bridge to huge multi-lane monstrosities that span vast bodies of water to those terrifying swinging suspension bridges that are held up only by ropes tied to either side of the yawning chasms which they span man has made a way for themselves to get around and over obstacles. In today’s message Pastor Marlan talks about another type of bridge, not built by man but by God, to create a passage over the largest gap that ever has or ever will exist – the gap between where we humans are and where God is. Click on the arrow below to find out more about this bridge.



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A Wee Little Man

There’s an old kids’ song we used to sing about Zacchaeus the wee little man who climbed up into the tree to see Jesus. Based on what we read in scripture Zacchaeus was a little man in more ways than one. Not only  was he little in size, but he was a little, mean man in character. He was despised both by the Romans who hired him to collect taxes and his fellow Israelites whom he collected taxes – plus a hefty cut for himself – from. But a surprise dinner engagement with Jesus changed all of that. Click on the arrow below to listen to the rest of Zacchaeus’ s story. If you are a Zacchaeus in need of a savior, take up Jesus’ offer of salvation today. If you know know a Zacchaeus be bold and introduce them to the one who can change their lives.


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