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Memorial Stones

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Memorial Day is a time to remember all of our fallen heros and the sacrifices they made. It is also a good time to remember all of the times that God did something extra special in your life. Pastor Caleb talked about creating memorial stones, things to remind us of God’s intervention during the difficult times in our lives. Click on the arrow to listen to this message.


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Joy Doesn’t Come When the Sun Shines Brighter

I don’t know about you, but I can really relate to today’s devotional. It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking for the next big thing instead of living mindfully in the now and enjoying what’s in front of us. Haley Morgan, author of today’s devotional that is reposted from, comes along side of us as a fellow traveler and shows us the benefits of contentment and living in the now. Click on the link to read the entire devotional.

“Jesus was and is always the prize.

There is freedom in realizing that the joy doesn’t come when the sun shines brighter. There isn’t wholeness found in a new relationship or house. We don’t complete ourselves when we climb another rung on the ladder. We don’t have to strive to make matters better for ourselves. read the rest here

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Recover Your Wonder

I don’t know about you, but my internal self defense mechanism tends to kick in after experiencing several disappointments, and I find myself becoming jaded and I lose my sense of wonder and expectancy. Today’s devotional, written by Christine Caine and reposted from, identifies with this tendency, but offers some practical advice to help you regain that sense of wonder that makes life so colorful and alive. Click on the link to read the entire devotional with us.


“When life doesn’t go our way — which it rarely does — we don’t always know how to recover our wonder in trusting God. That’s when our faith is critical, because all the disappointment in the world will never change the promises of God, the reality of Jesus or His destiny for our lives. read the rest here



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Pastor Shayna wound up May’s sermon series about hospitality this past Sunday urging the JCC congregation to get out of their comfort zones and learn to practice hospitality as a means to win people to Jesus. She suggests that hospitality does not necessarily involve cooking a big meal and inviting people over, but can also encompass different forms of reaching out and connecting with others. Click on the arrow to listen to the message. Click on the Publications page to read this week’s bulletin.

Can You Change Your Feelings?

That’s the question, right? Feelings can be helpful or…not. Knowing that you are able to change the way you feel is empowering. In today’s devotional by Dr Carol, reposted from,  Dr. Carol Tanksley (2018) says “You have much more ability to change your feelings than you realize. Feelings are real, but they are not the whole truth. You can learn to kick your feelings out of the drivers seat, and keep them submitted to God’s direction.”  Click on the link below to read the whole article and discover some steps you can take to help you gain mastery over your emotions.

“Feelings color everything we do. Some feelings are wonderful. And sometimes worry, anger, loneliness, depression, irritation, overwhelm, fear, or other negative emotions may seem to be in charge. But your feelings only run the show if read the devotional here



Peace in the Eye of the Storm

Peace is certainly something that’s in short supply in our world today. The real heart deep peace that Jesus gives is essential to our wellbeing. Today’s devotional, written by Shelia Walsh for Devotions Daily  ((c) 2018 Shelia Walsh) and reposted from, brings hope for obtaining that peace.


“Sometimes we get a warning when a storm is about to hit. The national weather service issues storm watches and warnings but not everyone has the time or means to get away from danger. Often the poorest of the poor are the most vulnerable and pay the greatest price but truth is, storms hit read the rest here


The Power of Praying in Jesus’ Name

Today’s devotional, written by Max Lucado and reposted from,  delivers a powerful impetus to PUSH – pray until something happens. We can be assured that when we pray in faith in Jesus name things will happen.


The phrase “In Jesus’ name” is not an empty motto or talisman. It is a declaration of truth: My cancer is not in charge; Jesus is. The economy is not in charge; Jesus is. The grumpy neighbor doesn’t run the world; Jesus, You do! You, Jesus, are the Head Coach, CEO, President, King, Supreme Ruler, Absolute Monarch, High and Holy Baron, Czar, Overlord, and Rajah of all history.

Just speak the read more here