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Your Anchor in the Face of an Uncertain Future

In the face of the uncertainty and anxiety the pervades our world today hope is indispensable. Today’s devotional by Lee Strobel, reposted from, offers a dose of hope for what ails us.


During his five years as a prisoner in North Vietnam, Major F. J. Harold Kushner encountered a twenty-four-year-old Marine who had made a deal with his captors.

The soldier agreed to cooperate with the Viet Cong, and in return the commander of the prison camp promised that he would let him go, as he had done for a few others in the past.

And so the tough young Marine became a model prisoner, even leading the camp’s thought-reform group. His health remained relatively good for two years. But over time it gradually became clear that the commander had lied. He actually had no intention of read more



A Random Christmas

I apologize for the delay in posting this week’s sermon. Please click on the link to listen to Pastor Caleb’s message “A Random Christmas”. Click on our publications page to read this week’s bulletin. Merry Christmas a little belatedly!

Hold On

Advent is not just a time of waiting and remembering Jesus first coming at His birth, it’s also a time to turn our hearts toward anticipating His second coming. Today’s devotional, reposted from, calls us to pause in the midst of our Christmas celebrations to remember whose birthday we’re celebrating, and also that He is coming again.


As Christmas Day approaches, you can feel the excitement building. The children are out of school, family begins to arrive, last-minute packages are wrapped. But what if, by declaration of Congress, Christmas Day were delayed? How long would the anticipation hold?

The disciples were certain Jesus would return shortly. Yet as the years passed, these faithful found it harder to hold on to that belief. James wrote to encourage them. He likened their wait for Jesus’ return to a read more


Searching the Night for a Light

Most of the Christmas story that is retold and reread each Christmas season focuses – and rightly so – on baby Jesus. However, most of us, if we thought about it, could really identify with Joseph. Really, God? Do what? Today’s devotional by Max Lucado, reposted from, offers hope in dark places as it shines a light on Joseph’s perspective in the great story.

So all this was done that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the Lord through the prophet, saying: “Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel,” which is translated, “God with us.”Matthew 1:22-23

On the night when Jesus was born, I wonder if Joseph ever prayed, “Father, this all seems so… bizarre. The angel you sent? Any chance you could send another? If not an angel, maybe a person? Some company would be nice. Even a shepherd would do.”

Perhaps he did. Perhaps he didn’t. But you probably have.

You’ve stood where Joseph stood. Caught between what God says and what makes sense. You’ve done what He told you to do only to wonder if it was Him speaking in the first place. You’ve stared into a sky blackened with doubt. And you’ve asked what read more


Bowing Down in Worship

This week’s Sunday message is the third in the series on worship. Pastor Caleb talks about humbling our hearts and bowing before the Lord in worship. Click on the arrow to listen to the message.


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5 Healthy Decisions

I think touchy-feely devotionals around Christmas time are wonderful. They keep us focused on the true “reason for the season”. However, with all the madness and brokenness in our lives we sometimes may be tempted to just pitch the whole thing and check out until after New Years day.  I really like a quote from today’s devotional reposted from Dr. Carol’s blog: “We need Christmas not because everything is great, but precisely because it isn’t. Jesus entered our messed up world on Christmas to bring new life.” Before you decide to give up on the holidays check out the five suggestions listed in this devotional and put them into action.


Family is a big deal around Christmas. The memories you have of Christmases past – both good and bad – almost certainly revolve around family, as do your expectations of this Christmas. Family stuff at Christmas can be filled with both heartache and happiness. How can you keep family dysfunction from ruining Christmas?

If your family of origin is/was dysfunctional you may dread going “home” for Christmas. If your marriage is unhappy Christmas may seem lonelier and more hopeless than other times. Blended family issues become even harder to read more


Bringing Your Gifts in Worship

Part two of the series on worship focused on two more aspects of worship: giving as worship and pouring your heart out as worship. Click on the arrow to listen to Pastor Caleb’s message.


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