Past, Present, and Future

Living in the past is a bit like listening to the call of the Sirens in the Greek stories. It’s song can seem so lovely and the temptation overwhelming, but it’s deadly. Today’s devotional by Margret Manning Shull, part of the writing/speaking team at RZIM differentiates remembering from living in the past and helps focus our hearts on living forward.


“But remembering is very different from making one’s home in the past, or seeing the past as the place of refuge, or the sum total of one’s identity in the present. To remember is to draw forward into the present what has been learned from the past. It is not the clinging to the past as one does with nostalgia. It is, as one ancient writer put it “letting go of what lies behind and looking forward to what lies ahead.”

Perhaps Mary Magdalene was lost in the past when she entered the garden where her beloved Jesus had been entombed. Perhaps she was read more

source: A Slice of Infinity RZIM


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