No One Else Can Define You

It is surprising the extent to which we consciously or unconsciously allow those around us to define who we are. Kids are especially vulnerable to the words of those around them. Sometimes it’s difficult to hear the “still, small voice” of God’s viewpoint when there are so many louder voices filling the air with a jumble of opinions about who we are. Today’s devotional brings us back to the one opinion that truly matters in the end.



“I step into a Junior High lunch room that smells like old fries and sticky plastic trays. I scan the scene—the popular kids at one table, bookworms at another, the theater crowd and the athletes and the rebels. Who will look up and invite me over?

Tell me who I am.

My friends and I have crushes and dates and boyfriends. We fix our hair a hundred different ways. Crowd into dressing rooms to try a thousand different outfits. Loop silver and gold through our ears. The doorbell rings and he is holding roses.

Tell me who I am.

I am typing into a small screen and read more


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