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If you have ever felt even a small measure of fear and anxiety you know how suffocating it can be. It’s not God’s will or His plan that His kids live bound in a prison of anxiety. Today’s devotional gives us a look at the life we’ve been intended to live free from the iron grip of the taskmaster of fear.


“When a more or less ordinary character, someone who is both kind and self-serving, somehow finds that place within where he or she is still capable of courage and goodness, we get to see something true that we long for. ~ Anne Lamott1

As I watched women walk into their own freedom stories, I was struck by their bravery. Many were stepping out into the call of God, into the unknown. Many were moving into uncharted waters with God, full of hope and faith.

A sixty-year-old woman told me one spring evening, “For years I’ve been asking God to take my life; tonight I asked him to save my life.” A fourteen-year-old girl who had just been released from rehab told me God gave her joy to start again.

Countless women — fighting depression, suffering from trauma, treating cancer, holding off divorce, overcoming addictions — were declaring href=’’ title=’Read more’ …/a

Source: Free to Be Brave – FaithGateway


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