Today’s devotional reminds us to keep going forward and “reach forward to what lies ahead…” Phil 3:12-13


“The Australian Coat of Arms depicts a very insightful image – one that I hold dear, since I was born and raised in Australia.

There are two animals portrayed holding up a shield – the Red Kangaroo and the Emu. They were chosen not only because they are indigenous to Australia, but also because they were created to move forward.

The Emu, a large, non-flying bird slightly smaller than its cousin the Ostrich, is known for its speed, covering as much as nine feet in a single step when running full throttle. It is the only bird with calf muscles, much like a human has; nonetheless, it can’t walk backward. It can only move forward.

The Red Kangaroo, like all kangaroos, moves with a hopping motion called saltation, which literally means “to leap.” They push off with both of their large feet simultaneously and use their tails for balance. The combination of their muscular legs, big feet and tails helps the kangaroos move forward effectively. But again, they can only move forward, not backward.

In the same way, I believe God designed you – another marvel of creation – to move forward. Forward-bound, never stepping back, not even looking back!”

Press on … look ahead … forget what lies behind … REACH FORWARD to what lies ahead (see Philippians 3:12-13 NKJV).

(c) 2017 Christine Caine


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