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When It Looks Like Its Over

Today’s devotional screams “hope” to ears straining to hear a positive word. “God alone gets to hold the pen that writes The End.” It ain’t over til it’s over, Folks! And that is definitely good news!





Business Meeting

dt-meeting-1JCC’s annual business meeting is this coming Sunday, February 26th following the morning service. Everyone is welcome to come, and JCC members especially are strongly encouraged to attend. We need to have a quorum to conduct business, and we need to have each of you present and accounted for. We won’t keep you long; quick start quick finish. We will be sharing lunch, so please bring a main dish OR side dish OR salad. Thanks!

Space for Sorrow | RZIM

Today’s devotional brings a reminder of God’s kindness and goodness even when we’re in the middle of a battle with sadness or depression. Take courage if you find yourself in that place or tuck the message away for rainy days that will come later in your life.


Like Elijah, there may be days when we feel at the height of heights, assured of all answers, victorious in our daily battles, maybe even confident of God’s saving activity all around. But there are also days when we need permission to feel badly. Despair is our only friend and the obstacles and challenges of life conspire against faith, hope, and love. It is deeply encouraging to see that, even in this place, God draws near with gentleness. Click on the link to continue reading. Source: Space for Sorrow | RZIM

A Winning Team

We’re all part of a team. We are not meant to go it alone, we’re meant to be part of a team, a church family bound together in love by the Holy Spirit. The best part is that in the end we win. Click on the arrow to listen to Sunday’s message by Pastor Marlan and some testimonies from the Teen’s Winter camp experience.



What Lies Beneath — Idolatry Is the Issue

Today’s devotional doesn’t pull any punches; it tells it like it and give us an Rx for what ails us. Click on the link to read the entire devotional.



Idolatry is huge in the Bible, dominant in our personal lives, and irrelevant in our mistaken estimations. — Os Guinness


Imagine a man who has been coughing constantly. This cough keeps him up half of the night and interrupts any conversation he has that lasts more than a minute or two. The cough is so unrelenting that he goes to the

The doctor runs his tests.

Lung cancer.

Now imagine the doctor knows how tough the news will be to handle. So he doesn’t tell his patient about cancer. Instead a href=’’ title=’Read more’ …/a

Source: What Lies Beneath — Idolatry Is the Issue

I Will Give You My Robe

Today’s devotional by Max Lucado presents a vivid object lesson that demonstrates in a fresh way what Jesus has done for us.



But Christ without guilt… took upon Himself our punishment, in order that He might thus expiate our guilt, and do away with our punishment. — Augustine For Christ died for sins once for all, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. — 1 Peter 3:18 NIV This is the mystery of the richesa href=’’ title=’Read more’ …/a

Source: I Will Give You My Robe

Love Test

No, this isn’t one of those  tests to determine something about your love life or who you will marry or even what your love language is. Sunday’s message by Pastor Marlan urges the listener to gauge their love for others by the criteria listed in what is known as the “Love Chapter” 1 Corinthians 13. Click on the arrow to listen to the message. We’ve also added a PDF copy of  the test so you can take it, too.

Love Test love-test


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