Defeating Fear and Worry

Today’s devotional brings us back to the one who can truly set us free from the fear and worry that can hound and enslave us.


When I’m afraid, my fists are clenched around all I have and confidenteveryone I love. I am the hoarder and the bodyguard. The seagull chorusing “mine, mine!” Gollum with my precious glittering in the light.

In those moments I am out of my mind. I am animal and bone, shout and madness. If I were not in this state I could recognize this unexpected truth: Coming to the place of surrender is where we begin to get free from fear.

The place where we say, “It’s not about safety. It’s about security.”

The place where we believe, “Everything may not work out the way I want. But I can trust God no matter what happens.”

Getting to this place is not easy. It requires wrestling and tears and sweat and struggle. I have lived this. I bear its healing scars. For me they came through read more

(c) 2016 Holley Gerth


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