Safe Landing: Keep the Lights On | RZIM

Today’s devotional, by Ravi Zacharias and reposted from RZIM, offers some sound advice regarding the upcoming election. Wherever your allegiance lies this article will bring hope.

“Politics is the process by which we choose to be governed for a season. And yes, quite a bit can be at stake. But the heart of man, often bereft of wisdom, chooses for the now and ignores the long-term ramifications. That’s the peril. Isaiah 3:6 says that in the last days a man shall say to his brother, “You have a cloak, you be our leader; take charge of this heap of ruins!” Evidently in the last days, the Scriptures tell us, all it will take for a leader to be considered qualified to govern over a heap of ruins is to own a cloak. Seems quite ominously close to the present qualifications right now, to say nothing of the cloak and dagger type approaches in sway. It is hard to believe that in a nation with so much ability, so much potential and promise, we are reduced to this. It is a movie-like script, swinging between the Scylla of comedy and the Charybdis of tragedy.

But alas! Let us not lose heart. I always bank on click on the link below to read the rest

(c) 2016 Ravi Zacharias RZIM

Source: Safe Landing: Keep the Lights On | RZIM


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