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Hope for the Searching Soul

Today’s devotional reminds us that rest is found in God alone. Nothing else will satisfy our souls.

Pop culture is searching, perhaps today more than ever, for truth. But truth has become to many whatever they want it to be, bound up in lies from Satan that cause them to look in futility to others and, sometimes, to themselves. Rock star Jewel sings about being God’s eyes, God’s hands, God’s mind, God’s heart. While those who followa href=’’ title=’Read more’ …/a

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Pastor Appreciation Coffeehouse

The first Sunday in November is rapidly approaching, so before you put anything else on your calendar for November 6th, may we suggest that you join us for our annual Pastor Appreciation Coffeehouse Potluck? Invite a friend and bring a main dish or side dish to share and head on over to 4335 Laurel Street Sunday, November 6th at 5:30 PM and help us celebrate Pastor Marlan and Pastor Ruth. Thanks! We’ll see you there.



Safe Landing: Keep the Lights On | RZIM

Today’s devotional, by Ravi Zacharias and reposted from RZIM, offers some sound advice regarding the upcoming election. Wherever your allegiance lies this article will bring hope.

“Politics is the process by which we choose to be governed for a season. And yes, quite a bit can be at stake. But the heart of man, often bereft of wisdom, chooses for the now and ignores the long-term ramifications. That’s the peril. Isaiah 3:6 says that in the last days a man shall say to his brother, “You have a cloak, you be our leader; take charge of this heap of ruins!” Evidently in the last days, the Scriptures tell us, all it will take for a leader to be considered qualified to govern over a heap of ruins is to own a cloak. Seems quite ominously close to the present qualifications right now, to say nothing of the cloak and dagger type approaches in sway. It is hard to believe that in a nation with so much ability, so much potential and promise, we are reduced to this. It is a movie-like script, swinging between the Scylla of comedy and the Charybdis of tragedy.

But alas! Let us not lose heart. I always bank on click on the link below to read the rest

(c) 2016 Ravi Zacharias RZIM

Source: Safe Landing: Keep the Lights On | RZIM

Voting: Right and Responsibility

This year’s election has been quite the spectacle. So how does a person figure it all out and know what to do? It may be tempting to

© Skypixel | - Vote badges politics election symbol patriotism

© Skypixel | – Vote badges politics election symbol patriotism

just abstain and not darken the door of your local polling place in protest, but don’t do that. We have a right and a responsibility to vote that cannot be ignored. You may  not like either candidate, but remember, this is not a personality contest, this is an election with far reaching consequences. We need to look at the values espoused by the candidates not just the candidates themselves. It is important that we “put our money where our mouth is” so to speak and vote according to which set of values lines up with what we profess to believe. Click on the arrow to listen to this week’s message by Pastor Marlan for more about this important issue.

God in the Pews | RZIM

Today’s devotional, reposted from RZIM, takes a look at some of the hard questions we all contemplate at one time or another and suggests a different kind of answer from any we may have considered.

“Why isn’t God more obvious? This question is often asked in many ways and in many contexts, by people of all levels of faith. When prayers go unanswered, why is God silent? When suffering or tragedy strikes, why would God allow this to happen? Why wouldn’t God want more people to know God’s good news? When all the “evidence” seems to counter the biblical narrative, why doesn’t God just give the world a sign? If God was revealed through many wondrous signs and miracles throughout the Bible, why doesn’t God act that way today? All of these examples get at the same issue: the seeming “hiddenness” of God.

Atheist Bertrand Russell was once asked what he would say if after death he met God. Russell replied that he would say: “God, you gave us insufficient evidence.”(1) While many who have found God quite evident would balk at Russell’s audacity, a similar struggle click on the link to continue reading

(c) 2016 Margaret Manning Shull is a member of the speaking and writing team at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries in Bellingham, Washington.

Source: God in the Pews | RZIM

7 Ways to Cultivate Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

Having trouble hearing God and finding your way? Trying to figure out the will of God for your life? Today’s devotional, reposted from The Plumb Line, gives some insightful ideas to help you increase your ability to hear what God is speaking to you. 

Too many of God’s people are led by fear, doubt, man-pleasing, presumption, assumption, idols in their heart, false prophets and fleeces. Here’s how to let Him lead you.

Source: 7 Ways to Cultivate Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

This Week at JCC

We’ve got some fun stuff coming up this week at JCC. Wednesday, the 19th is Parents’ Night Out at 6:30 PM. If you don’t have kids you can come on over for a great Adult Bible Study at 7 PM.

Friday come craft and chat with us at 6:30 PM. If you’re a guy you can pop on over to the Men’s Ministry get-together and hang out for a couple of hours at 6:30 PM on Friday.