Wind in Your Sails

Are you feeling like you’re not getting anywhere in your life, that you’re stuck and unable to move forward? If so, this word from Cindy Jacobs of Generals International will give you hope today. If it’s not applicable for you today then pass it along to others you know who are struggling.


“For the Lord would say, “You’re going to get the wind at your back. fresh windAnd right now, I see that there are some people that you’re like a ship, and the ship has no wind in the sails. And you just feel like you’re stuck, you’re stopped, you can’t go on your journey.” But the Lord says, “I am going to begin to blow upon your sails. There’s going to be wind in your sails.”

And the Lord says, “Do not let your emotions at this moment begin to agitate you,” because the Lord says, “I am making a plan right now. I am beginning to work behind the scenes in some ways to bring you the funds you need, to bring you the support system you need, the emotional support, the physical support.”

And the Lord says, “Know this—I Am that I Am, and I am very concerned about you. I am very concerned about read more

(c) 2016 Cindy Jacobs Used with permission


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