Hope When it Rains

 Today’s devotional by Holley Gerth gives us hope for those times in our lives when we find ourselves caught in the rain. Someone is coming for us and He is good!

When you pass through the waters, God will be with you.

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When I slid on my sneakers the sky was early summer blue. The kind that invites you to go for a run. “Everything will be fine,” it seemed to tell me. And I believed it. I noticed a grey cloud on the perimeter of my route but I trusted it would behave. “Stay,” I said to it as I took the first few steps.

And all was well for awhile. But about halfway through I felt the first drop hit my bare shoulder. “No big deal,” I thought and carried on. Then more drops came. A hundred. A thousand. A million. And they grew in size until I found myself jogging through an all-out storm.

Little rivers gushed toward the gutters. My socks squished with every step. I wished for tiny windshield wipers on my useless sunglasses. As I reached the top of the steepest hill I noticed a car coming behind me. It slowed. Then stopped. The window rolled down. And there, in the middle of it all, was my husband. Someone had come for me.

I thought back to a day in college when the skies worked themselves into a frenzy while I sat in class. I’d forgotten my umbrella and dreaded the trek home. When I stepped into the hallway there read more

(c) 2016 Holley Gerth Used with Permission


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