The Best is Yet to Come

Today’s devotional, reposted from Holley Gerth, was written with graduates in mind, but, wait! Don’t turn your heart off just yet just because you may not be a graduate – keep reading because this devotional applies to all of us.

“Before you ever came into being, God called your name. He formed you with love and intricately designed part of who you would become. You truly are made “in an amazing and wonderful way” {Ps. 139:14}.

Your journey on this path is not by coincidence. You are here because God looked out over all of history and chose you for a particular time and purpose. You could have entered the world a hundred years ago or a thousand years from now.flying-bird-woman

But you are in this generation, this time, and there will never be another you or another opportunity to do what only you are chosen to complete.

So go out there in boldness knowing that you don’t have to be like anyone else. You don’t have to do what any other person has done. You are chosen for one life—yours.

And the wonderful news? Whatever God chooses for you to do, he will equip you.

Being chosen means you will be given all you need. Being chosen means that success is simply obedience and trusting God will do the rest. Being chosen means that you have a great big God as your partner every step of the way.

Those who love you will be cheering you on every step too! The best is yet to be for you and we can’t wait to see it unfold.”

(2015) Holley Gerth Used with Permission


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