Special Guests

JCC has some special guests coming next weekend, and we invite you over to our place to be blessed by their ministry. Pastor Regina Irwin and Faye Meyers will be ministering in word and song Friday, May 13th at 6:30 PM during our monthly Ladies’ Night Out, and again Sunday morning, May 15th at 10:30 AM.

Pastor Regina Irwin became a believer in 1969. She fell in love with God and had an overwhelming desire to show others the love that God had for them and lead them into accepting Christ into their hearts. Her ministry over the years included co-leading a ministry called Power House of Jesus, starting a Christian Coffee House in downtown Minneapolis, a discipleship home for people leaving street life, and co-pastoring Abundant Life Christian Center.  Following her retirement in 2013 from secular employment Pastor Regina entered back into full time ministry founding Life Changers Ministry.

Faye Meyers became a Christ follower when He knocked on the door of her heart in 1985, bypassing her head, and going straight to her heart.  She learned how to love Jesus and not just have a religious fear of Him.  She has learned and is learning lessons on trusting God in all things. God also restored her singing voice which had been lost after starting college on a vocal scholarship years before.  God changed everything for her, and gave her fresh purpose and a reason to live. Both ladies are special friends of JCC Women of Joy’s Leader Bonnie Hughes.




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