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Praying for Your Leaders

Everyone needs prayer, and leaders are no exception. Although it may appear that they are some sort of invincible prayer-blockssuper-humans who pray for everyone else but do not themselves require prayer support nothing could be further from the truth. Life on the front lines is not an easy life. They bear the brunt of the attacks from the evil one, pray for and counsel church members, prepare weekly messages, conduct weddings, funerals, and participate in other life events of their congregation – not to mention dealing with the administrative, financial, and legal aspects of church life. Click on the arrow to listen to Sunday’s message to learn some ways that you can pray for your leaders.


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Simple but not Easy

Serving Jesus is pretty simple. In the words of the Nike commercial Just do it! However simple that may be, it’s not always so easy to “Just do it”. Today’s devotional challenges us to obey God when He asks us to do something – even if it’s not easy. Click on the link to read the devotional.




Doing the Impossible

Imagine you were watching your favorite news broadcast when one of those “Breaking News” banners scrolled along the bottom announcing “90 year old woman gives birth to healthy baby boy fathered by 100 year old man”. You possiblewould more than likely roll your eyes and be more than a little skeptical. That sounds more like an article in one of those sensationalist magazines that line the checkout counters than something that might actually have happened. But wait! If you know your Bible you know that that is exactly what happened to Sarah and Abraham. In the well known Genesis account of Issac’s birth we read the impossible coming to pass just as God said that it would. Jesus told His disciples – and us – that what is impossible for man is possible with God (Matthew 19:20, Mark 10:27, Luke 18:27). Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Marlan’s Sunday message about listening to God and doing the impossible.



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Fred Meyer Rewards

Fred Meyer has a community rewards program which makes it easy to give a little extra to JCC. Click on the link below which will take you to Freddy’s webpage.Click on “Rewards” then in the drop down menu click on “Community Rewards”. Look for the heading “Are you a Fred Meyer Customer” and click on “Link your rewards card now”. Follow the steps; Joy Christian Center’s number is 92206. It’s a win-win idea; you don’t have to pay extra yet JCC reaps a benefit each time you shop at Freddy’s. Thanks for signing up!



New Members

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Joy Christian Center family please join  us for the New Members’ class that will be held tonight, February 17th, at 6 PM just prior to our regular Wednesday night Bible class. Then hang out with us as we continue our study on prayer at 7 PM. A Bible study class is also available for kids at 7 PM. We hope to see you there!