Friend of God

When I was in school I sat in a room with 40-50 other students for a semester or more, but when the final exam was finished and I walked out  the door I didn’t know most of those other people any better than when we first began the friendinitial class. I think that is probably the experience of most people – unless you  happen to be an extrovert who never met a stranger. I could recognize their faces – most of them – and know who they were by sight, but because I didn’t make the effort to talk to and interact with most of those other students I never got to truly know them enough to become friends. In Genesis we are told that Abraham was a “friend of God”. How do you suppose he got that title? What did he do to have God call him friend? Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Marlan’s message about becoming a friend of God.


Sunday JCC welcomed Carl Kancir as the new Men’s Ministry leader.

carl n tammy 1







Don’t forget to pop on over to the publications page to view this week’s bulletin.


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