A Day Without Prayer is Like a Car Without an Engine

There are a few reality TV shows out there that portray how old cars are restored and sold for huge amounts of money. The crew sands, paints, repairs, replaces, and polishes as if their life depends on it as they prepare a car for auction. The results are actually pretty amazing. Something that was sitting in a junk yard rusting away has been transformed into this sleek, shining, like-new-off-the-showroom-floor car that people shell out big bucks to purchase. While the vehicle is a sight to behold, it isn’t worth much without the engine; the engine is what makes it useful. Otherwise it may as well be parked on blocks in the neighbors yard because it isn’t good for anything except yard art. In our lives as Christians it is the same. We may look really nice, do all the right things, say the right things, but without an “engine” our outward appearance doesn’t count for much. The engine is prayer. When we connect with God through prayer our lives become empowered and we are able to do amazing things. Click on the arrow to listen to this week’s message by Pastor Marlan about prayer. Today is also the  beginning of our once a month missions emphasis. Joyce Michaelson  shares information on missions at JCC at the beginning  of the message.


Don’t forget to click on the Publications page to view this week’s bulletin.


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