Hope for Another Year

Happy New Year from Joy Christian Center! We thank each of you who are following this blog, and those who regularly tune in for being a part of our life; we appreciate your support! Praying abundant blessings for you from the One who richly gives us all things to enjoy. Today’s devotional, by Jill Caratinni, is reposted from A Slice of Infinity.

“In this occasion of the New Year we, too, are inclined to reflect, to look back and look forward with thoughts and words that help us sift through the stories unfolding before us. Significant dates and holidays, birthdays 2013_New_Year_Wallpapers_16and anniversaries, naturally lend themselves to times of reflection, the first of the year being perhaps the most confronting date (and certainly the best marketed) that calls us to reflect. That we have before us the month that marks another beginning of another year is unavoidable, even if merely seen as time to buy a new calendar or join another health club.

Armed with resolutions and lofty goals, many stare into the 365 days ahead of us with hope and expectation, sometimes with fear, sometimes with determination, other times with excitement. And we look at the days behind us with a careful eye for what is past, at times with nostalgia for all that has gone by, or heaviness for all we longed to see turn out differently, but hopefully with wisdom to carry into days to come. What were the year’s successes and failures? What will I accomplish read more


(c) Jill Caratinni A Slice of Infinity Used with Permission All Rights Reserved  http://rzim.org/a-slice-of-infinity/hope-for-another-year


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