JOY Giver Ministry Workshop

Someone once said “In order to feel a part you have to be a part” This is a truth we’ve seen played out over the years. Those who feel most satisfied and connected to a church family are the ones who are most actively taking part in the church body through some form of ministry. Ministering together with others builds relationships, and fosters camaraderie and a sense of belonging.  To enable individuals to become more connected to the JCC family JCC held a ministry workshop taught by Vanda Hoecher entitled Joy Giver Workshop on the 21st. This workshop is designed to introduce interested individuals to the various ministries available at JCC that they canvandas class 11-21-15 c become involved in. If you missed this class we now have the audio and written version of the class available here on the blog. Please avail yourself of this great opportunity for ministry preparation, and get involved today.

We must decide if we want to be a spectator or a participant. Every church goer has a choice to make. He can park in his usual spot in the church parking lot, make his way to a comfortable seat in a favorite row, watch a good service, chat with friend and then go  home OR he can throw himself into an adventure by rolling up his sleeves, joining a team of like-minded servant, and help build the local church God called him to be a part of.”

It is our sincere desire that you choose to be a part of the growing ministry family at JCC. If you are not a member of JCC yet or you want to become involved in JCC’s Kids/Teens ministry or ministry to vulnerable adults you can visit the Publications page and download an application for primary screening and  church membership Save/download the form, fill it out and then email it to


Click on the arrow below to listen to the class

Access the printed materials from the class below including a list of JCC’s current ministries and a ministry assessment test to help you discover your areas of gifting and find your place in the Body of Christ. These documents are also available on the Publications page of this blog.

Joy Giver Workshop Joy List of Ministries Updated S.H.A.P.E. Profile Worksheet SHAPE Guide



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