Gratitude in the Midst of

Today’s devotional by Margaret Manning Shull, reposted from A Slice of Infinity, helps us take the concept of thankfulness from a fluffy, once a year observation to an every day in-the-midst-of, where-the-rubber-meets-the- road concrete practice. Click on “read more” to continue reading with us.


“Gratitude can be easily forgotten in a world filled with terror, fear, and heightened concern for safety. It is not Gratitude rockdifficult to understand a pervasive mood of suspicion and guardedness given the recent events in Sharm el Sheikh, Beirut, and Paris. A hand-wringing anxiety replaces the open-heartedness that accompanies gratitude.

More than this, it can seem naïve or insensitive to articulate gratefulness in the midst of human suffering. How can I be thankful when so many around the world suffer in unspeakable ways? It feels more appropriate to maintain a somber outlook as a way of finding solidarity with those who are hurting. Being grateful for personal ‘blessing’ seems to add salt to the wound.

Perhaps this is why it is always amazing to encounter those who find gratitude to be healing even in the midst of loss and tragedy.” read more


(c) 2015 Margaret Manning Shull A Slice of Infinity  Used with Permission 


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