Ripple Effect

When a person tosses even a small pebble into a pond it causes ripples that reach far beyond the initial “plunk” of the ripplesstone. Even if no was around when the pebble slipped into the water they can see the ripples after the fact and know that someone threw something into the water. In the Old Testament Israel had just experienced a major God-given victory at Jericho when they came in their travels to Ai, an insignificant, small town. However when they tried to conquer this tiny little town they were soundly defeated by the few men living in Ai. When Joshua frantically sought the Lord for the answer he received this reply: sin. Ripples. The  sin of one man, unseen by anyone else, caused ripples that affected a nation. While our willful acts of sin may not have such a far reaching effect, it will certainly affect us and cause us to experience defeat at the hands of our enemy. Click on the arrow below to listen to today’s message by Pastor Marlan and learn more about the effects of even a small sin in our lives and what to do to make a turn around in our lives.


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