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Trunk and Treated

We had a great time meeting everyone who came out to our Trunk or Treat – thanks for being a part of our evening. It was quite chilly outside, but our brave, hardy, Alaskan volunteers decorated up their trunks and endured the very brisk evening air to distribute candy to the hungry horde of trick or treaters this evening. A fortunate few stayed in doors to take photos at the photo booth – thank you, Mrs Sarah, – and keep the coffee and hot cocoa flowing so everyone could warm up a bit before heading back out into the cold. We appreciate all the volunteers who helped made this evening such a fun time. Special thanks to Pastor Shayna and Pastor Caleb for heading up the kids and teens ministry and overseeing tonight’s event – way to put on a party! AND reach the neighborhood for Jesus.


Weekend Fun

This weekend is going to be crazy busy at JCC. We hope that you will be able to join us for our action packed weekend.t n t 2015 adjusted

Trunk or Treat – bring your kids out to grab some goodies Saturday, October 31st from 4-6 PM. Snag some cocoa or coffee to go to warm up with, let the kids make a pit stop, and get your pictures made at the photo booth.


Come back Sunday morning to watch  JCC’s Teen Ministry dramatic presentation, Do You Know, at 10:30 AM.




coffeehouse 11-2015Pastor Appreciation/Thanksgiving Coffeehouse – Enjoy free coffee and Italian soda, live music, and a relaxing evening visiting with friends 5 PM Sunday, November 1st. It’s potluck night, so if you can bring a dish to share please do, but if you cannot come anyway.

For Our Good

Todays devotional, re-posted from Christine Caine, helps us face the difficult things in our lives with hope.


Read Genesis 45:4–5

Joseph forgave his brothers for selling him into slavery in Egypt and told them that the act they meant to harm him, God intended for good.

For Our Good

In the Bible, Joseph is abused by his brothers and sold into slavery, then repeatedly scarred and neglected by his enemies. But Joseph made an amazing discovery: Anything meant in this world for evil, God can use for good. This is no less true for us today. God is able to take the mess of our past and turn it into a message. He takes our trials and tests and turns them into a testimony.

Romans 8:28 does not say that all things that happen to us are good, but it does say that God is able to work all things together for the good of those who love him and are called according to his purpose.

If we trust him with our broken and wounded hearts, he will bring healing, restoration, and wholeness. He takes the weak, the marginalized, and the oppressed and makes all things new. What someone else would leave for broken, he sees as beautiful.

And very often, the thing the enemy uses to try to destroy your life is the very thing God uses to help others. God can heal every hurt and turn your scars into signs of strength for his glory. Your past mistakes, hurts, and pain can help give someone else a future. Whatever we have gone through enables us to help others. God doesn’t waste one experience of our lives. He uses everything to help someone else. He doesn’t want us to remain crippled, immobilized, or paralyzed by the past. Instead, he sent us Jesus to show us how to step into the future.

I have always known that I was not the only one carrying around such pain. We are all broken in some way. We all have wounds. Some of us use that as an excuse to do nothing, to serve no one, but rather to sit and nurse our misery. That’s not what God wants, and not the model we see over and over again in the Bible.

The biblical model is that God deliberately chooses imperfect vessels—those who have been wounded, those with physical or emotional limitations. Then he prepares them to serve and sends them out with their weakness still in evidence, so that his strength can be made perfect in that weakness.

Point to Ponder

More often than not, it’s our weakness that makes us capable of serving, because those we serve identify with our pain. As always: God works in us so that he can work through us.”


(c) 2015 Christine Caine used with permission

What Has He Ever Done For Me?

god at work

Sometimes I hear questions like “Why should I serve God – what has He ever done for me?” I’ve even heard that even from Christians who have recently had a disappointment and didn’t get something that they wanted from God. Today’s message by Pastor Ruth answers that questions by reminding us of some of the amazing things that God has done for us. Click on the arrow below to listen to her message.


Pastor Appreciation


Join us for our special Thanksgiving/Pastor Appreciation Coffeehouse Sunday, November 1st at 5 PM at 4335 Laurel Street. Please bring a dish to share and some friends to enjoy the evening with. If you can’t bring anything please come join us anyway; we would love to have you! Special Guests the Marv Glenn Band will provide the music for the evening. Call 349-0255 for more information.

Just Listen

Shhhhh – just be quiet and listen. Familiar words to someone who used to be a chatterbox. While it’s important for us to listen to those around us, it is of the utmost importance to be quiet and listen to God. Today’s devotional by Holley Gerth encourages us to be quiet for awhile and just listen to what God is saying.


I sit on the porch of my room at the Keeter Center and stare at the hills in the distance. I’ve come here to find quiet because I’ve been in a season of noise. So many voices. So much to do. Can you relate?

My natural tendency when life gets loud is to try harder. I act like my efforts are a megaphone that can get me the affirmation and attention I think I need. But here in this place God reminds me what He wants most is for me to simply listen.

So I pull out my journal and surrender to the stillness…

God whispers that I’m loved. He reassures me I’m not alone. He tells me He has a plan for my life. He promises I’m going to be okay. He says I don’t have to make anything happen because obedience is success. Slowly the lies I’ve been hearing are replaced by the truth I desperately need.

You might think I journal regularly since I’m a writer. And I used to in my childhood. But these days it seems all my words are for public reading. As I head home from my trip, I know that has to change. So now each morning I begin my day by taking time to listen. And it has made a huge difference.incourage-Chalkboard-Globe-e1444830439991

Because when I don’t listen I think I need to have all the answers. When I don’t listen I think the world rests on my shoulders. When I don’t listen anxiety and fear chase me until I’m weary. When I don’t listen I don’t have anything worthwhile to say to others.

I am not called to be a writer first–I’m called to be a listener. Then my role is simply to pass on what I hear. And whatever you do, you are called to be a listener too. It’s only as we hear God’s heart that we can encourage each other. It’s only as we hear God’s heart that we can remember what’s true. It’s only as we hear God’s heart that we find the courage we need for what He’s calling us to do.

I’m sharing a gentle challenge today: Wherever you are, pause for just a few moments and ask, “God, what do You want to speak to my heart today?” Write down what He whispers to you in His still, small voice (it will probably be through His Word). Then share that truth with someone else in some way today.

We don’t need any more noise in our lives; we just all need to know the God who speaks to us with love every single day. “Call to Me and I will answer you” {Jer. 33:3}. 


(c) 2015 Holley Gerth Used with permission