Today’s devotional, reposted from Holley Gerth’s blog, reminds us that our acceptance comes from a much higher source than the world around us – from God Himself. If you haven’t discovered this grace yet we’d love to help you. You can contact us at 907.349.0255 or If you’re in the Anchorage area come join us this morning at 4335 Laurel Street at 10:30 AM.

I remember standing on the edge of a neighborhood yard watching as a group of kids played catch. All I wanted was a ball tossed my direction.

outsidelookinginI remember surveying a high school lunchroom full of giggly teenage girls chatting about their weekends. All I wanted was a seat at the table.

I remember sending out book proposals to publishers whose doors seemed locked to new, unknown authors like me. All I wanted was a key.

But what I really longed for in those situations was acceptance. My heart yearned to know I had a place, to be assured I was loved, for someone to say, “I choose you.” It took me a long time to learn that someone had already done all of those things.

Christ accepted you. {Rom. 15:7}

Jesus called my name as a little girl and tossed the ball of faith in my direction. And in a quiet bedroom at my grandparents’ house I told Him I wanted to be on His team.

Jesus gave me strengths, gifts and ways to serve others. He created a plan and purpose for my life. He had a seat at His table no one else could fill.

Jesus revealed that His mission for me doesn’t require someone else opening a door. Instead it’s about keeping the door of my own heart open to how He wants to use me each day.

I used to believe acceptance was something someone else had to give me. I’m starting to see it’s about embracing what’s already mine. I am already accepted. You are already accepted. Our stories may be totally different but that heart-freeing truth is the same for all of us today.


God, thank you for accepting us. You are the only One who can fill our hearts with what we long for most. Because of Your grace You embrace us even on the days when we fall short or feel like we have nothing to offer. Your acceptance of us isn’t about who we are but about who YOU are. That means we can’t earn it and we can’t lose it. We’re secure in Your love and no one can ever take it away. We choose to rest in that miraculous reality today. Amen.”

(c) 2015 Holley Gerth Used with permission


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