The Most Important Voice in the World

Everyone who is anyone is in a dither over the arrival of President Obama in Anchorage today. So many people wanted to hear him speak that they had to sell tickets; those puppies sold like hotcakes and were gone before most people even knew there were tickets to be had. Even if you had gotten a ticket he would not have known – or cared – whether you were there or not; there are only a select few that the President knows or cares about on a personal editorials_pictures_creationlevel. Although the voice of a national leader is important and influential, carrying a certain amount of power, there is One Greater than the president of the United States here whose voice is the most important voice in the world.  This Greater One whose voice carries the ultimate power spoke the universe into existence, opens blind eyes, raises the dead, and holds our very lives in His hand. Better yet, you never have to buy a ticket or stand in endless lines to talk to Him or hear Him speak – you just need to open your ears and heart and listen. And the best of all? That Greater One, the Great I AM, the self-existent eternal  one knows each of us individually, and not only knows but cares deeply for us. Click on the arrow to listen to Sunday’s message from Pastor Marlan and become better acquainted with the most important voice in the world.


The bulletin is posted on the Publications page for easy access all week long.


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