Power in the Love of Christ

rowboatA fisherman (or woman) who has to row themselves out to their favorite fishing spot is at a disadvantage if they only have a limited amount of time to fish, because much of their valuable fishing time has to be spent on rowing rather than fishing. However the angler whose craft is motor propelled as opposed to self propelled can spend almost all of their time doing what they came out to do in the first place: fish! God has given believers the equivalent of a high powered motor to accomplish the task that He has commissioned us to do – the power of Christ’s love IN us. Nonetheless many of us muddle along in our rowboats trying to do the work of the kingdom under our own power. Don’t! Instead, take advantage of the power that God provides for you. You will discover that you expend  less effort yet accomplish more than you could have on your own power. Click on the arrow to listen to Pastor Ruth’s message and find out how you can activate and start using the power of Christ’s love that’s already in you.


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