God’s Preservative

Today’s devotional reposted from Francis Frangipane’s blog reminds us that we need have an internal power to keep us from becoming bent cans in the pressure filled world in which we live.

bent canHave you ever seen a supermarket cart full of bent food cans? Most have lost their labels. What has happened to these cans is that the atmospheric pressure outside the can was greater than the pressure inside, causing the can to collapse. The can couldn’t withstand the pressure.

Today, many people are unable to withstand the stress and pressures of life: financial pressures, raising a family, fears of wars or terror attacks, new diseases, on and on. As a result, people crumble.

To counteract these pressures, we must have an inner power pushing outward that is equal to the pressures that would otherwise bend and break us. We need the power of Christ’s love. Love is God’s preservative. It fills our souls with a power greater than the pressures coming at us from the outside. It keeps us balanced; it insulates us against the hostility that exists in our world. Love is the shelter of the Most High; it is the substance of the stronghold of God.


(c) 2015 Francis Frangipane Used with Permission  http://www.frangipane.org/


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