Follow Me

Today’s devotional is a repost by Roy Lessin. – Good stuff!


“As for you, follow me.” John 21:22 (NLT)

Jesus is your Shepherd. As your Shepherd His call to you is “follow Me.” Following is how you know His will for you as you move through your day.

He does not say to you, “Give me your list of all you have planned today so that I may know how to walk with you and meet your needs.” Also, He does not say to you, “Here is the list that I have prepared for you to walk in today…do the list, one thing at a time, and check things off as you do them.”

As you follow Him, your walk is a walk of faith, not a walk of lists. His will is revealed through your relationship with Him. You will know His will, not as you look around to see where others are going or what they are doing, but as you look to Jesus and see where He is going and what He is doing.

His will is not known or done apart from Him. Follow Him—the work He wants to do through you today is something He may not be leading anyone else to do.”

(c) 2015 Roy Lessin Used with Permission


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