Open Mic Night

Open Mic Night at JCC’s Coffeehouse was a blast. We had mixture of scheduled singing acts and some unscheduled ones creating a delightful fusion of hymns, well loved favorites, Country Gospel, and some fun tunes from the kids. The unexpected alternately drew cheers, applause, and even some tears from the listeners who were kept guessing at what would come next in the evening’s entertainment. Thank you to everyone who brought snacks to share and helped set up and tear down.  And thank you to the singers and musicians who made the night with their music. The next Coffeehouse will be Sunday, May 3rd at 5 PM – all are welcome to attend.

ch 4-15 a ch 4-15 b ch 4-15 e ch 4-15 f ch 4-15 j ch 4-15 m ch 4-15 n ch 4-15 o ch 4-15 p ch 4-15 r ch 4-15 t P1030163


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