What’s Passed is Past

Here’s a newsflash – there isn’t anyone who has arrived yet. Oh, there may be some that think that they have reached the pinnacle and have become all they can be, but in reality that is merely an illusion. There is no cap or limit to what you can become in Christ; there is always more to know, deeper to grow, further to go in God. Even the Apostle Paul who wrote a hefty chunk of the New Testament didn’t claim to have arrived. His claim to fame was that he chose to forget what was behind and press on toward the goal. Paul knew God wasn’t done with him even though Paul  had progressed so astoundingly far in the Christian life. And Paul is the proverbial proof in the pudding that God can do amazing things in a person’s life. He went from hunting and killing Christians to being a father and shepherd to the very ones that he had so rabidly hunted earlier in his life. Paul got it; he understood that it doesn’t matter what you did in your past, God gets rid of our sin and urges us to look forward to what we can become when we turn our lives over to Him. Click on the arrow to listen to Pastor Marlan’s message and draw hope from the example of Paul.



The bulletin is posted on the Publications page of this blog.


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