Spring Cleaning

There are many things in life that are nice but not necessary – like chocolate cake and hot fudge sundaes. Then there are things that are both – like the increased amount of daylight each day. (And all of the Alaskans said amen.) Then there are the things in the necessary but not nice category – like spring cleaning. Or cleaning in general. So we pick up our bucket of cleaning supplies and get ‘er done. And that’s what we did with our day today; we worked hard and got the job done.  Thank you to all of the volunteers who came out on this beautiful Saturday, rolled up their sleeves, and knocked out a long list of “honey do’s” waiting for them on the counter. Thank you to Pastor Marlan, Grace, Lynn, Karrie, Brianna, Tammy, Caleb & Shayna, Rachael, Cheryl, Heidi, and Mike for all your work to get the church building cleaned up and ready for spring.

P1020944 P1020945 P1020946 P1020947 P1020948 P1020949 P1020950


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