Fun For All

Thank you to everyone who helped out with March’s Date Night. There was plenty of fun for all happening in every room. From the babies in the nursery to the Teens in the sanctuary there was something happening every minute of the evening. Videos, games, and crafts for the kids, and a trip to the snack bar. The Teens played games, worked on a craft project – jean pockets –  a small gift for the Covenant House Teens that they minister to, and listened to a message from Pastor Caleb. If you missed this one join us for the next one Wednesday, April 8 6:30-8:30 PM.

nursery 2 nursery 3 snacks teen pocket 1 teen pocket 2 teen pocket 4 teen pocket 5 teen pocket 8 teen pocket 9 teen words teens 2 teens 3 teens one

kid 4 kid 5 kid 8 kid 9 kid 10 kid6 kids 1 kids 2 kids 3


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