Church Membership – Why Bother?

Sometimes we humans may balk at the notion of church membership. Why bother joining a church family when you can just slip in the back whenever you feel like it and come and go as you please? Yet we humans think it’s the height of cool-ness to join a golf club, flying club, a fitness club, weight loss club, or sorority; you name it we join it. We plunk down the money, sign on the dotted line, and never bat an eye or think twice about it. So why the reticence to join a local  church fellowship? Click on the arrow below to listen to Pastor Marlan’s message encouraging us to rethink our negative view of church membership.

Here are the links to the two videos Pastor Marlan showed prior to beginning his message. They’re only a few minutes each, so take a listen!

Here are a couple of pictures of JCC’s new members that were honored in the Sunday morning service.

memb 2-2015 b memb 2-20155 c








And finally the bulletin from Sunday  02-22-15 Bulletin


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