Sock-it-to-Me Plus

This year’s Sock-it-to-Me ministry added a couple of new items to the annual sock drive. JCC members and their friends were invited to donate new and gently used blankets and coats as well as new, warm socks. For a small congregation this was a big order, but the people responded with a nice sized collection of various sizes of coats, hats, socks, blankets, and sweaters. We were able to provide 14 families with the donated items as well as some of the teens at Covenant House. In addition many of the homeless brothers who attend JCC’s Sunday morning pre-service breakfast received some new socks.

Thank you to everyone that donated coats, hats, scarves, socks, and blankets to this ministry, and thank you to those who donated their time to help prep the items for distribution and those that made the delivery runs Tuesday morning.

socks 2015 a socks 2015 b socks 2015 c

teen outreach


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